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Product Review: Prank Pack Genuine Fake Gift Boxes

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With a number of spring birthdays to celebrate, what better idea than a creative box to give it in. Prank Pack's Genuine Fake Gift Boxes are a fun and light-hearted way to gift give. They will make any gift receiver scratch their head and give a half-hearted thank-you.

Prank Pack offers several different "styles" of boxes including: Coffee Talkies – The Original Travel Mug/ 2-way Radio, Beer Beard – Secret Beverage Dispenser, BirdieBelt – Rangefinder/Belt/Buckle, Noggin Net – Wearable Fishing Net, Wake and Bake Dream Griddle – Alarm Clock and the box I got a chance to test out: Motorized Rolling Pin.

The Motorized Rolling Pin was a great box for me to try out because I'm a stay-at-home mom and have a lot of friends that are stay-at-home mom's as well. This product was semi-believable to my audience although just weird enough to solicit some awkward faces. Although I think some people receiving the gift may in deed prefer what is on the fake box over what they actually received.

These boxes come flat and are very simple to assemble. At 11.25 x 9 x 3.25 (About the size of a giant phone book) they are a great size for most gifts and if you have something smaller you could even fill it up with tissue paper to fill the entire box.

Depending on where you purchase your Prank Pack, they typically run from about $5- $7 per box when you purchase more than one at a time. So more expensive than a regular box but definitely not as fun!

Just in case you have a gift receiver who's still oblivious there is a flap inside the box that says, "Prank You!" Hopefully they would catch on at that point.

I definitely have people in mind that would be great to use these boxes on, plus with April Fool's Day just around the corner you don't need to prepare an elaborate scheme, just buy a Prank Pack Genuine Fake Gift Box and you're good to go.

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