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Product Review: OPI Miss Universe Collection Nail Polish

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I love the new nail colors that are on the market today. Call me crazy, but I enjoy wearing yellow, green, blue, and even purple nail polish.

I am brand loyal when it comes to nail polish. I think that the OPI line lasts longer and has better colors than the other brands on the market. So, whenever I go to a nail salon, I hunt down the OPI products first.

In the mail, I received six new colors of the OPI fall collection for review. The collection is called Miss Universe Lacquer Set and includes the following glittery colors: Love is a Racket (red), Swimsuit…Nailed It! (blue), Pros and Bronze (bronze), Crown Me Already! (silver), Congeniality is My Middle Name (purple), and It’s My Year (purplish-gold color).

In addition to the colors, what I love about the OPI brand is that their creative people come up with such clever names for the nail polish and for the collections. It always makes me smile when I pick up the bottle and look on the bottom to read the name of the color.

When I saw Love is a Racket it reminded me of the color I wore for my wedding. It’s a sparkling red and at the time, I thought it would look beautiful with my long flowing wedding gown. It is a perfect fall/winter color.

Another notable color is the Pros and Bronze. It’s a bronze glitter and looks fabulous on your nails. I will most likely wear this one in the fall. It will go impeccably with my autumn wardrobe of browns, blacks, and reds.

The other color that I adore is the Swimsuit…Nailed It! polish. This is a blue tinsel color and is also a great addition to my fall collection. I love being bold and standing out and this color does that for me.

Although I liked Congeniality is My Middle Name, when I put it on it wasn’t at all like the color in the bottle, which has a purple tone. It looked more maroon than purple. I even asked the women in my office what color they thought it was and they said maroon. I still like it, but it wasn’t what I expected.

What I like about Crown Me Already! is that it can go over any color nail polish and make it shine.

My daughter’s favorite was the It’s My Year. She saw the Miss Universe Lacquer Set and quickly looked at each color. She put a different color on each finger (pictured here) and sat and stared for a moment before deciding to put on It’s My Year. She told me later that she was fond of all of the colors, but she thought that this one was a good transition color for summer into fall.

The OPI Miss Universe Lacquer Set is fun, bright, bold and certainly makes you feel good when you wear it.

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