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Product Review: NuTouch Case for iPhone 3G

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The NuTouch iPhone case is a clear, all plastic, full-body case for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. The solid enclosure has cut-outs for all of the major controls and ports, including camera, speaker, dock connection, etc. Although similar to some of the other cases on the market, this particular one is only available through Fommy.com.

The screen cover allows for easy control. Touch control and multi-touch features worked just as before, with the only exception being a slight loss in sensitivity on the very left and right edges of the case. Normally this isn't an issue, and even when it is, more deliberate gestures find the fix. It does tend to cure you of some sloppy tendencies, however.

The case itself is mostly well designed. Cut-outs for access ports and controls are generally well placed. Exceptions include the cut-out for the sleep button, which could be recessed on the back a bit more to allow for easier use. But the bigger problem is the headphone port, which was all but useless in my tests. If you are strictly using the smaller headphone jack that comes with the stock Apple headphones, then you're fine. But for anything else, a larger normal jack is probably not going to fit, or if it does then it feels forced. Simply making this hole bigger could have been easily achieved and would have saved a major complaint against the usability of the case.

But with any case, the main reason you (should) get it is for protection. The NuTouch has a very snug fit with quality plastic. It feels very solid and is not prone to slippage or becoming unfastened. They claim a scratch-resistant design, and after almost two weeks of normal use, I can verify that seems to be the case, with virtually no discernable scratches on the screen cover (the back cover, however, is another matter). It remains to be seen if that will hold up long-term, but at least with initial use it appears that it is built for extended punishment. And for those of you who think you'd miss the almost magnetic attraction of smudges and fingerprints to your iPhone, don't worry, you'll still need to regularly clean this surface as well.

But do you need an iPhone case? With the industrial glass used for the iPhone's screen, scratches would actually be difficult to come by. But protecting the screen from cracking is a more likely fear, or protecting the body itself from extended nicks and scarring. The thin screen cover should allow for some minor protection, but a bigger plus is probably the overall design affording some shock protection from minor drops and blows.

Overall, this case strikes a worthy balance between svelte design and usefulness. With a couple of the kinks worked out, this could be a solid all-purpose case for nervous iPhone owners and klutzes alike.

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