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Product Review: My Little Steamer-Go Mini

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Joy Mangano and Ingenious Designs have created a “hot and steamy” little number for the travel community. The My Little Steamer-Deluxe-Go Mini is one clothing steamer that comes in several colors and works very well. It produces steam in just two minutes, removes wrinkles easily, and has a sexy and sleek design that’s packed with function to prevent tipping and spillage. It even has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

My Little Steamer requires only tap water and has a powerful 900 watt heating element shaped like a ball. A clear lens allows you to actually see the ball as it quickly heats up the water. You can also see maximum and minimum water levels so that you don’t have to guess when you need to refill it. In addition it‘s compact, lightweight, and makes for easy storage. Having tried this steamer for myself, I must say it seems perfect for any kind of travel (business or pleasure), and I also use it at my home. My friend’s children are using it at college too. It’s much more efficient than ironing when you have a busy lifestyle.

If there are any words of caution they would be about the care of the travel steamer, all pretty standard. Be careful to not tilt the steamer backward or forward while it’s in use. Always steam in an up and down motion, and protect its eight-foot electrical cord that utilizes any 120-volt AC outlet for a polarized plug. Keep hands away from steam outlets and keep it away from children and pets while in use. This unit comes with a one year limited warranty. I don’t know of any recalls or major problems with the unit at this time.

My niece is a traveling nurse and apparently won’t go anywhere without her little steamer. She and my sister, her mom, after listening to my travel steamer woes, decided I needed the My Little Steamer-Go Mini. They mailed me one and I must say my steamer woes seem to be over! I really like traveling about with my “hot and steamy” number, no complaints so far at all.

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  • disappointedunmichigan

    i went to use my little steamer and all it will do is to spit water out the spout, i’m not able to get hold of anybody to help me. I am 72 yrs old and liked it for its convenience of not using an ironing board but after only 7 use what good is it?

  • S. Marie Vernon

    Dear disappointedunmichigan,

    I am so sorry you had this problem with the Steamer. I do hope you contacted the company to get a refund on your purchase. I believe you would find the number in the warranty information that came with the product. Please call them if you haven’t done so already. Thank you for your comments. All comments are appreciated. If I can help further with this let me know. Sincerely, S. Marie Vernon.

  • johnny

    urinate in it.

  • Ksamuelson

    I keep trying but it only worked once now spits water every where even when just sitting on the counter while warming up. I’m afraid I’ll get electrocuted. Bummed because I loved it the first time I used it.

    Depressed in minnesota.