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Product Review: MusicSkins

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I kill phones; I eat them for breakfast. There is no phone that is safe in my hand as I drop them, scratch them up, and generally destroy them. I have gone through five different phones in two years, and only one of them was a choice upgrade (to my current iPhone). Some of them die from the dropping, some die from water, some die from teeth marks (from my dog, not from me); no matter what I did, they either got scratched up from keys or destroyed. Tiny electronic devices, laptops, and even gaming accessories left this mortal realm due to my contact.

That is no more! I can now safely scratch my devices, allow my dog to gnaw on them, and let them drop from a low height onto a carpet (disclaimer: please do not try this at home). The technology saving secret is a little vinyl covering, featuring either art or a band’s image, that covers the back of my devices. Created and sold by MusicSkins, this decal not only makes everything look nicer, but it also protects them from most wear and tear. Yep, my iPhone, my laptop, and my Wii accessories are now safe from my deadly hands. Plus, they look cooler, too.

What I Liked

(Please note, all three pictures included in this review are of skins that I was given for review purposes and that I applied to the items they were designed for.)

Protecting my iPhone is high on my list of important things to consider. Besides being my phone, it is my main communication device (e-mail), a fun gaming platform, and needed for a soon-to-come monthly feature here on Blogcritics. MusicSkins was not only able to protect from normal wear-and-tear (keys in my pocket), but it was also able to protect it from me scratching it with those same keys. Not a single mark went through the cover. The cover, however, did start to show some marks on the image (poor Manson’s face) after I went to work on it, but it was only visible when viewed from up close.

Disclaimer: If you are using your iPhone for work, as I do, I recommend not using a backing like Marilyn Manson, odds are your boss will not think it cool, no matter how many scratches it prevents.

Another thing that I like about MusicSkins is how badass it makes me look. Sure, I can put Marilyn Manson (or hundreds of other images) on my iPhone, but how many friends of yours have a Sex Pistols Guitar Hero guitar? That’s right, you too can be original and have some totally sweet electronic devices and accessories. I love the Sex Pistols, and now, when rocking out, I can show the world (or my limited selection of friends) how much I love them. Plus, if you follow the trends, you can take off the current image and replace it with a newer, more badass, image; MusicSkins leave no residue.

What I Disliked

I am inept at doing the simplest of tasks. If it is complex, I can do it right in no time, but a simple thing is far beyond me. I never learned to color within the borders, cut on the line, or apply stickers. At least, that is what it seemed like when I attempted to put the MusicSkins backing on my iPhone and laptop. I could not, for the life of me, get it to apply properly without certain bubbles or ridges to appear; for the guitar, it went on with ease and no bubbles. This does bug me, but probably shouldn’t effect you. After all, my girlfriend can do it with no problems. If you have problems with stickers, decals, and other things that you put on the bumper of your car, I would advise you to find a smarter and more skilled person to apply your MusicSkin.

The only other thing that bugged me — and the one that is not my fault (not that anything ever really is) — is the fact that the MusicSkins did not fully cover my laptop. For both my iPhone and my guitar, the skins covered and protected everything. On my laptop, however, there was a fair bit of the backing uncovered. I asked Vince Bartozzi, the President of MusicSkins about this, and here is what he had to say:

The 17-inch skin is designed to fit All [17”] Macs & PCs, but the skin might not cover the entire back of some PCs because there are so many different sizes of PC computers. It fits the Mac 17” computers exactly and depending on your PC you might have a little space around the skin. I have a Dell and I have to center my skin on the back leaving about ¾ of an inch all the way around.”

Basically, the fact that PCs come in many, many different sizes means that the skins will not be perfect on them. Sure, they all have 17” (or 15”) screens, but they have different edge lengths and diagonals. Macs, with their one-style-for-all, seem to be unaffected by this. Unless your computer is non-black, you can make this look decent simply by centering the image.


While my ineptitude at applying stickers bugged me slightly, very little could detract from MusicSkins. The colors, the art, the bands, and the comics are all nice to look at and add personality to your phones, computers, gaming devices, and accessories. Additionally, the vinyl skins protected my electronics exceptionally well. The price did look steep at first, but, after some research, I discovered that the pricing was about dead center of the various online prices. If you are interested in getting high-quality, scratch resistant, coverings that add no bulk for your devices then check out MusicSkins.

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