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Product Review: Marie Dalgar Unlimited Extension Mascara, a Beauty Secret From Greece

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I stumbled upon this mascara while in a nail salon in Mykonos, Greece. I was inquiring about their eyelash extension services when the owner of the salon directed me to a new product she had recently begun selling.

After she demonstrated on one eye for me the magic this little mascara tube held, I was immediately sold. I bought the product, brought it home, used it a few times, and quickly returned to buy a second…just in case I should misplace the first. I didn’t want to be without this product…ever!


Eyelash extension fibers


I am the perfect candidate for eyelash extensions. My hair is thin and straight and so are my eyelashes. They grow straight out from my eyes and if I didn’t wear mascara at all, my eyes would look like they were floating. Extensions seem so high-maintenance. There’s the cost of re-filling the extensions every so often, the problem of them falling out and looking ratty, you can’t get them wet or rub your eyes, and so on and so on…you get the picture. Too much work. I want things simple, easy, and as low-maintenance as possible.Eyelash extension before and after

Enter my new best friend, Marie Dalgar Unlimited Extension Mascara. It’s a three-part process. You start by applying the mascara provided to your already curled lashes. Second, apply the micro fibers. The fibers are contained in a similar casing as the mascara and go on just like mascara. These tiny, almost feather-like fibers stick to your lashes while they lengthen and thicken them.

The third step is reapplying more of the mascara to cover the fibers and…voila! You have instant eyelash extensions. Marie Dalgar Unlimited Eyelash ExtensionYou can then reapply layer after layer to create an even longer and deeper set of lashes or go with just one layer (which is what I usually do), especially for daytime use. They are easily washed off and reapplied whenever you feel a va-va-voom urge.

Brilliant, I tell ya!

Name: Marie Dalgar Unlimited Extension Mascara

Cost: 25 euro ($33) at Hondos Centers around Greece

Where to buy: Hondos Center throughout Greece http://www.hondoscenter.gr/ Or online: mariedalgar.net The website is in Greek and, unfortunately, they do not sell directly to the US. If you are in the US and would like to purchase, please send an email directly to the company at http://mariedalgar.gr/contactform.aspx?pid=2035&langid=63&mdl=contact

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