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Product Review: “Lucky Me Tee” Tops and Tote Bag

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Founded in 2007 by Marlo Moleski – a proud mommy of 3 – Lucky Me Tee has been making waves since their “MOMMY OF 4” pink tank top appeared on Brooke Burke of Dancing With the Stars during a practice session. Mothers seeking practical, comfortable, stylish, and public declarations of their status as moms will delight in this new fashion line.

Those of us with children are incredibly familiar with the grocery store lineup chitchat that we engage in with other moms. Is this your only child? How many children do you have altogether? Are they all yours? Marlo was inspired by these recurring conversations to develop a loud and proud answer to these questions without uttering a single word. Mothers can now wear their hearts on their gear, exclaiming “NM NEW MOMMY”, “MOMMY OF 1”, all the way up to “MOMMY OF 5”. Moms can take their pick of the now well-known pink tank, long sleeved tees, hoody sweatshirts, and large tote bags. Even babies can get in on the fun with grey unisex long-sleeved shirts declaring their status as Baby #1 – 4 in sizes ranging from 3 – 24 months.

The tanks and long-sleeved tees are made from a stretchy, clingy cotton/spandex blend. If you’re like me and tend to put on a bit of postpartum pudge you might feel comfier in the sweatshirt. With the route I’m taking – go for the tote, it will fit through pregnancy, bloat, postpartum – I'll be good to go on any occasion.

Moms know that once you have kids you need a big bag, a sturdy bag, an easy-to-clean bag. This tote fits the bill. Measuring 12" x 16" x 5 3/4", this sturdy cotton canvas tote features heavy duty stitching, a reinforced bottom, and a water-resistant lining that easily wipes clean. I am rough on my belongings, and so are my three children; I need a bag that will take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Though I’ve only had it for a short period of time, it seems likely that this tote will go the distance.

This tote works on any casual outing; the natural canvas and contrasting pink detailing create a fun and informal feel. The straps are just the right length for the tote to tuck securely under your arm – up away from the kids where it’s safe and secure. The outside pocket with Velcro closure is perfect for sticking a couple of diapers or board books into, and the tiny interior pocket is fabulous for your keys, change, lipstick, or any other small items that tend to sink and settle in the bottom of your bag. The generous size makes this a go-to bag; it can serve as your all in one resource while out and about. Diapers, books, toys, and back-up clothing – it will all stash away with room to spare.

I must applaud Marlo for making her line of mommy-friendly fashions available to mothers of up to five children. I’ve wondered what a mom’s to do when another baby arrives, or she passes the number 5. The simple solution if you’re still under five children is to buy up to the next digit and pass along your lower numeral to a friend. If you want to take the frugal approach, or have passed the #5 cut-off, just whip out a pink Sharpie, add a plus sign, and you are back in business!

Becoming a mother changes a woman. Suddenly your life revolves around this tiny new blessing that has entered your life. As the number of children in your family grows, your life becomes more entirely wrapped up with theirs. When you’re all about your wee ones, why not proclaim it loudly to all you meet? Wear your heart on your tote or chest with Lucky Me Tee.

All Lucky Me Tee products are available online and at various retail locations.

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