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Product Review: Law School in a Box/Med School in a Box from Mental Floss

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Do you have dreams of attending medical or law school, but don't have the money or grades to get in? Do you want a law or medical degree but cringe at the thought of spending years reading dull textbooks and attending mind-numbing classes? Well, worry no longer because the wonderful folks at Mental Floss have you covered!

If you're a longtime BC Magazine reader, you may have already heard about Mental Floss. Mental Floss Magazine is a fun, humorous, yet educational website that offers daily nuggets of knowledge and trivia on a wide variety of topics including history, pop culture, science, art, and sports. Mental Floss has been a BC Magazine contributor since September 2006.

In Law School in a Box and Med School in a Box, you will find Mental Floss' trademark humor and fun mixed in with actual knowledge. The small tin boxes contain a kit that includes everything you need to learn about law or medicine without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition. For example, Med School in a Box contains the following:

  • Med School in 96 Pages
  • 10 Heroes of Medicine Trading Cards
  • 5 Medicine at a Glance Cards
  • 5 Extra-Credit Course Cards
  • Mini-Medical Boards
  • Diploma

While the items in the Law School in a Box and Med School in a Box certainly can't replace a real education at Harvard Law or Johns Hopkins Medicine, you'll be surprised at what you can learn. For example, "Law School in 96 Pages" contains definitions of several legal terms and summaries of some of the most important cases in U.S. history. Meanwhile, the "10 Heroes of Medicine Trading Cards" provide information on folks such as Hippocrates, Robert Liston, and Florence Nightingale.

With graduation coming up this month, Med School in a Box and Law School in a Box would make terrific, fun presents for any budding lawyers or doctors in your life.

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