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Product Review: Kup Buddy

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I don’t know about you, but spilling coffee, water and even soda on my computer keyboard seems to happen often. When it happens, I think that I won’t drink coffee, water or soda around my computer ever again. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t stop me. And it’s not just me. I see my staff doing the same thing. As all this spillage, through the years, it has cost me thousands and thousands of dollars in new computers and office equipment. 

Recently I heard about a new product called “Kup Buddy” that holds your coffee, water and soda in place while you are at your computer and work station. The Kup Buddy is a plastic cup holder that sits by your computer. (It can actually travel with you from your desk to the conference room to your colleague's office, etc.) It looks like a portable cup holder that you would see in your car. 

I decided to get one and try it out. When it arrived in the mail about a week later, I was excited. I thought, maybe now I won’t have any more spills. But when it came in, I wasn’t very impressed with the package and was a little skeptical. I opened the box, put the Kup Buddy on my desk and went to get a cup of coffee in a Styrofoam cup. I put the cup in the Kup Buddy and you know what? I haven’t spilled coffee, water or soda on my computer since I got it! 

I spoke with the product’s business development officer, Len Oppenheimer, and asked about the packaging. I felt that it was different than the usual in-store packaging. The cup holder comes in a yellow box with orange and brown writing. It reminded me of something I had once seen in the 1970’s and was curious why he decided to go with this particular choice of packaging.

“The package was designed by marketing students from Europe as part of a marketing and design contest,” he said. “I told them that the winning team would see their design in print. The package represents my promise to them.”

What I like best about the Kup Buddy is that it makes a great promotional item for a company who wants to brand their name. This is a useful promotional piece. The cup holder sits on someone’s desk 24/7 and comes in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, orange, green, white and more. I could see myself buying them in bulk, not only for my staff but for my clients and prospects as well. This is a product with a long shelf life!

The retail price is $5.95 and it can be bought at www.kupbuddy.com. It is also available on Amazon.com for $7.99.

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    I got a United States patent #D645,308 issued Sep. 20, 2011 on something very close to the designs the company makes. Anyway, I’m glad to know a company would change the patent a little bit, if he got the design from my patent, and actually sell it.