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Product Review: jetBook mini eBook Reader

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Summer in my home is the time for spring cleaning and decluttering. We go through the house from top to bottom and get rid of things we don’t need or things that create too much clutter. With two teenagers, I’m sure you can understand how clutter accumulates faster than I can deal with it. Living in a small house, one of my largest issues is having enough storage space. The kids rooms’ tend to be fairly small because the house was built in 1865 and they just didn’t need the room we do today. Once you add in a bed, bureau, desk and bookcase, you’re done. You’re lucky you can turn around.

Everyone in my family is an avid reader. Each one of use has his or her own bookcase full of books. Okay, I have two and Sarah, 18, is fast approaching two as well. I just can’t help but hold onto books that I love. I know I want to read them again and again so I can’t get rid of them! This starts to become an issue when we run out of room and that’s the reason I started checking e-readers for the kids and I. I can store thousands of books on one e-reader! Imagine the space saved!

The jetBook mini portable eBook reader by Ectaco is a lightweight, very affordable eBook reader. The jetBook mini is powered by 4 AAA batteries (Energizer batteries included) and lasts up to 90 hours of continuous reading and 2 years in standby mode! You can use standard batteries or rechargeable batteries. The jetBook mini supports SD cards of up to 2GB. The internal memory allows you to transfer books from your computer to the eBook reader easily. You simply use the enclosed USB cable to connect your eBook reader to your computer and follow the onscreen prompts. You can create folders to easily organize all your books. It’s very simple to use and the directions are very well written.

Currently, the jetBook mini supports TXT (plain text) and FB2 (Fiction Book) eBooks. If your eBooks are in another format, you need to convert them using a file converter which is explained in the User’s Manual that is loaded onto your eBook reader. There are also two games included on the jetBook mini: Brick Game and Sudoku.

The Ectaco jetBook mini is one of the easiest eBook readers I’ve seen. There are a total of five buttons (menu, scroll up / previous page, enter / next page, scroll down / next page, and back / on/off). There is no touch screen capability or wireless ability with the Ectaco jetBook mini which is what makes it so easy to use and the perfect choice for kids or anyone who might be intimidated by technology. I also really appreciate that you can adjust the font to make it larger. My eyes aren’t as young as they used to be.

The buttons are large for ease of use. The jetBook mini itself is compact, measuring about 4.5″ x 5″ total so kids or adults can easily hold it in their hands. It has a signature 5″ TFT screen but now weighs only 5.8 ounces — making it the lightest eBook Reader to date. I received mine in a funky lime green color but you can also find them in black, blue, red, grey, peach and bright yellow.

A few other things I like about the jetBook mini are all-way reading angles for righties and lefties, multi-language interface options, line spacing, built-in clock, adjustable font sizes and line breaks and even full picture support, so your favorite books will now show up with pictures. It also shuts itself off automatically if I forget about it which is a great money saver for kids or overworked moms who tend to forget things.

Here’s what their site has to say about the special features:

Special Features

Multi-Language interface support for English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Polish and Russian
First and only eBook Reader in the world to run on 4 AAA batteries (Energizer batteries included)
Full in-book picture support
Up to 90 hours of reading time
All-way reading rotation for righties and lefties
5″ TFT screen and smaller size for ultra portability

Adjustable font sizes
Text alignment, spacing, breaking, and encoding options
Clock and date functions
Support for LIT, MOBI, EPUB, HTML, PRC, RTF, PDB, PDF via Calibre conversion to TXT and FB2.
Click here to download a step by step conversion guide.
SD/SDHC Card expandability up to 16 GB directly and microSD Card compatibility through an adapter.
Size – 116mm x 126mm x 20(10)mm (WxHxT) – 4.5″x4.9″x0.75″(0.4″)
Package Components – Gift box with Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, Quick start and USB cable.
Recent readings folder
Page search
Games: Brick Game and Sudoku
Settings for: Interface language, 360 degree screen view rotation, 6 font sizes, Multiple language encoding, Page alignment, Line spacing, Line break, Date format, Time format, Auto power off time, Clock

You can purchase the jetBook mini with a free 1GB SD card with 1000 classic English books on it.  Some of these books I had never heard of but there are certainly a bunch that I have including several Bobbsey Twins stories, Lord Byron, all four of the Gospels, Rudyard Kipling, TS Eliot, and Upton Sinclair. The jetBook mini I received also included the Bible (King James Version)! I absolutely LOVE this! I am always trying to fit in Bible study into my busy day but carrying around the Bible with me is just not convenient. Now I can toss the eBook reader into my handbag when I run errands and read the Bible while waiting at camp, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Accessories available for the jetBook mini include leather pouch, 2GB SD Card, ear light and charger with rechargeable batteries.  You can use a head set that has a 3.5mm jack to listen to your audio books.

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