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Product Review: JAWS Green Cleaning Products

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JAWS is the Just Add Water™ System. It’s an easy-to-use, non-toxic way to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. This system is effective in reducing plastic in landfills and will save you money. JAWS uses just one reusable spray bottle (per cleaner) which comes with two cartridges filled with a powerful concentrated cleaning formula. When mixed with water, it’s biodegradable and an effective cleaning tool.Just Add Water System

It’s simple to use. Choose one of four cleaning solutions (glass & hard surface, multipurpose cleaner/degreaser, bathroom cleaner/deodorizer, disinfectant cleaner/degreaser). Then:

  1. Fill the reusable plastic bottle with water to the fill line.
  2. Place the cartridge in the bottle.
  3. Twist the sprayer back on and watch the cleaning solution disperse.

It uses 70% less packaging material, reduces water pollutants by 85%, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 60%.*

Conventional cleaners contain up to 97% water. If you’re tired of paying for water, JAWS will cost you 30-50% less than the leading brands.*

Can something good for the Earth work as well as your usual products? Absolutely! When the cleaning liquid is released in water, it cleans just as well as standard products.

I am rather particular when it comes to using cleaning products in my home. I like a powerful disinfectant but it should also smell pleasant. I’m really tired of holding my breath when scrubbing the shower and tub because of the harsh fumes. JAWS gives my home a solid clean with a light fresh scent. No more holding my breath.

I cleaned my house using this system for the very first time just yesterday. It was fun to watch the cleaning solution release into the water and even more fun to see it in action! My husband even commented on how good the house felt after I cleaned.

I’m hooked on the Just Add Water System. It’s going to save my family money and I feel good about going green every time I clean!

*According to the manufacturer, these statistics derive from studies conducted by Michigan State University’s School of Packaging.

Note: I received a complimentary starter kit of the Just Add Water System in exchange for my review of the product. The opinion specified in this review is my own.

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  • Cindy Blair

    Tried for the first time today…….sorry wont be buying again. Great idea with the refill, but has no cleaning power at all, may as well have used just water. 🙁

  • I’m sorry to hear that. Hmmm, wish I had something better to say. If I were you, I’d contact the company and let them know your thoughts. Perhaps you can get a refund?

  • Kevin C

    I used it for the first time on our bath. This product is poor. Its cleaning ability is minimal. I dispute its claims that it “dissolves and emulsifies…soap films, grease and mineral deposits” . This simply is false.