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Product Review: iSkin eVo3 and eVo4 Cases for iPod Classic

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iSkin was one of the first manufacturers of lightweight protective functional skins for Apple's iPod, and they are working constantly to improve and upgrade their products about as often as Apple upgrades theirs. Hubby and I both have 160GB iPod Classics, and are always on the lookout for new and improved cases that are compatible with our Altec Lansing InMotion speaker dock.

Both cases retail for about $35. The eVo4 Duo case for iPod Classic is a two-piece case with a silicone skin and a light aluminum front piece, along with a detachable movable clip. The skin itself is tight and not easy to get on, but molds well once it's on. The front piece is another story. While the instructions make it seem that the cover just easily clips on to the skin, it took some time and much playing around to get the visor cover on properly. I ended up taking the clip off as it is not very sturdy and is too bulky to allow the iPod to fit into the speaker dock.

The eVo3 is also a two piece case, but is a bit different, with a full face guard that even covers the click wheel. While the website says multiple times that the thin silicone click wheel cover does not affect use of the wheel, that is not the case. There is definitely less sensitivity with the full face guard on. And again the clip is pretty much useless and too bulky to use with the speaker dock.

While these cases are good options, I wish that more thought had been put into clip and click wheel function. After all, a skin is not easy to take on and off for different uses, and the clip is definitely not easy to remove and replace as needed. If iSkin would fix these two features these eVo skins would be perfect.

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