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Product Review: iPad/Tablet Courier V.3

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V3_Courier_OpenCroppedI find that the smaller things get, the more crap I end up carrying around, so as a female tech enthusiast, I’m always up for a good, well-designed and well-thought-out accessory bag. The fine folks at Skooba Design make some of the best bags on the market. Now that tablets are all the rage it was only natural for them to create the iPad/Tablet Courier V.3.

This messenger bag is just the right size to sling over your shoulder for quick on-the-go mobility. It’s stylish enough for men to use as a man purse or “Jack Sac,” and sleek enough for a woman to use as an additional day bag. While it does contain plenty of pockets, it is almost too small and thin to be practical as anything other than what its name suggests: a courier for your tablet device and a few other things.

Like other bags in Skooba’s collection, this one doesn’t skimp on quality materials. It features a wide shoulder strap with a long solid shoulder pad and tough but lightweight micro-ballistic nylon that’s water-repellant. The vertically-oriented bag is about two inches slim and contains a nice assortment of pockets.

There’s a small zip-up pocket on the top flap that is perfect for loose change, your phone or wallet. There are three additional pockets under the flap, one of which is a padded outer accessory pocket, and two padded interior areas where you slip in your tablet.

V3_Courier_CroppedIs it wrong that I wish it were big enough to throw in a 13-inch laptop? I don’t have an Ultrabook so wasn’t able to test whether one of those would fit. As I said, I love all the pockets, the style and look of the bag, but once you start utilizing all the options everything starts to feel too snug and tight, making the bag feel a bit odd and lumpy.

The lightness and sturdy feel make this my go-to bag whenever I want to carry my tablet without breaking my back with a larger, heavier purse. For good or bad, it truly is a perfect bag for tablets, perhaps not much else. The bag is available now and retails for about $89.95.

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