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Product Review: Insect Repellent and Sunscreen from Swanson Health Products

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It seems like these days everyone is “going green,” or at least thinking about it. That’s where Swanson Health Products come in. Swanson Health Products, a family-owned company, was created in 1969 out of a need for arthritis relief; now it’s a place to fill all your health needs from daily care to long-term care.

I recently had the opportunity to try out two of the products that Swanson Health carries. First was Jason Natural Quit Bugging Me! Spray. Just like the name says, this spray is natural and is DEET-, PABA-, and paraben-free, which is very important to me and other parents who have to worry about little ones. My daughter is very allergic to PABA, which a lot of products, including sunscreens, contain, but Quit Bugging Me! is something I would definitely feel comfortable using on her to keep those pesky bugs away.

I’m not sure I really like the smell of the spray — although it’s not chemical or commercial, it reminds me a lot of a combination of mint and tobacco. Not my favorite scents, but a good alternative to chemicals at least. If you’re looking for a good, all-natural bug spray Jason Natural Quit Bugging Me! is a great choice and is very family friendly.

I wore Jason Natural in my very own backyard, which here in Charlotte, North Carolina is very buggy, and we have weird bugs at that. Surprisingly, I was not attacked like I normally am and didn’t need to light the citronella candles either. I put some on my three-year-old’s legs as well and achieved great results — no “bug bumps” as she would call them. As with any insect repellent we washed it off as soon as we came in from the outdoors.

The other product I tested was Alba’s Green Tea SPF 30 + Sunscreen. I’m not a huge green tea fan — for some reason it makes my stomach ill, so I wasn’t sure how Alba and I would get along. I smelled the Alba product inside the tube and immediately I hated it, but once I put it on my skin and the light, leafy, floral scent of the green tea and aloe wafted to my nose, I actually enjoy the smell!

I also have to say that Alba Green Tea SPF + Sunscreen is great for the skin and very eco-friendly! It contains antioxidants and organic aloe vera, is made with 100% vegetable products, and is never tested on animals. It worked okay considering that it was only SPF 30. I was out in the sun for about an hour when I noticed a little redness, but I reapplied and went back into the sun for another hour and did not get burned.

From the two products I tried out from Swanson Health Products I got a good feeling about the type of products they carry. I enjoy that they deliver all natural products with a great selection for people of all eco-friendliness levels and would recommend both Jason Naturals and Alba’s Green Tea sunscreen.

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