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Product Review – iArm

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During this time of gift giving, one of the exciting aspects for me is the reaction that the other person gets when recognizing his or her gift. This reaction determines the success of the gift in my mind, for no matter what comes after it will not match that initial burst of energy (or lack thereof). Sometimes, since I like to be somewhat unpredictable, I wrap a few joke gifts to keep my family on their toes about what I could have possibly found for them. Now someone has thought of people like me in their quest for lighthearted gift giving.

Prank Pack’s line of practical joke boxes are meant to add to that initial reaction. Instead of getting the one-and-done surprise, joke boxes provide another element of shock and, most likely, incredulity from the gift receiver. The idea is to insert the real gift inside the box so that when the gift receiver is ready to take a look at their fantastic new item they never knew existed, they get a second surprise upon discovering that the joke box’s item is not really contained therein.

I had a chance to try the iArm box on my wife. The iArm illustrates a nifty arm attachment that allows one to attach virtually anything to one’s arm. For instance, one can certainly attach an iPad or laptop. However, through great miracles of stickiness one can also attach a bucket of water or a plate of food! How handy! Sure, the woman in the image must have a forearm of steel to be able to keep that bucket of water level, but that’s part of the fun watching someone else express their disbelief. For all the gift receiver knows, this is a legitimate product.

My wife was honestly excited to receive an iArm. She didn’t say what she was going to use it for, but it did get some smiles. I imagine she was picturing putting lengthy “Husband To Do” lists or some kind of husband taser on her iArm for quick access, but before she got carried away I told her to open the box to check it out. Thankfully the earrings dissolved whatever frightening ideas she had conjured up already.

In total, there are three reactions that one could receive from a Prank Pack joke box. There’s the reaction to seeing the joke gift, the reaction to finding out that it is not real, and the reaction to the true gift inside. Ladies and gentlemen, this is perfect for those like me who like to milk the moment of giving a gift! Prank Pack offer a variety of joke boxes on their website, including the very practical PetPetter (“Never touch your pets again!”) and Beer Beard. At a price tag of $8 each (or 3 for $20), as well as an added bonus of reusing it for different people, a Prank Pack joke box can be worth the extra money to get you more out of your gift giving season.

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