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Product Review: Hard Candy’s iPad Cases

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When I first bought my iPad, I purchased the Apple case to go along with it. I had the case for a while but was very unhappy with it because it always looked dirty and I was embarrassed to use it during new business presentations.

So, I found another case online at Rue La La. I bought a Terrida leather case that looked very professional but was totally impractical. Every time I tried to use the iPad, I had to take it out of the case completely, especially when I needed to plug it into a socket. I think I paid more than $75 for the case that I am now unhappy with.

When I heard about the new Hard Candy cases, I was so excited, I ordered two. The first one is called the iPad Sleek Skin. The product comes in five different colors – blue, orange, green, pink and black. The skin fits like a glove securely around the iPad. It even has a cover to protect the screen and it can be used in conjunction with the iPad stylus pen that Hard Candy sells. The neat thing about the cover is you don’t have to take it off completely. If you want to use the iPad screen, then you can unhook two latches and you’re ready to go.

I have the pink version of the iPad Sleek Skin and it sure is pretty! It’s actually a shocking pink color. The best part is, Hard Candy left slots for the plug and to turn on and off the iPad. It has full access to all media controls while in the case. What I like best about the case is that it’s fun. I’m in a creative field and it looks “cool” when I walk into a client’s office with a funky iPad cover. It sells for $19.95.

The other product is called the iPad Squish Skin, and squishy it is! The case  comes in the same funky colors as the iPad Sleek Skin and to me looks a little more protective of the device because of the “squishiness.” The iPad Squish Skin also has a snug fit and has full access to all media controls, which I love. The one thing I don’t like about the product is that it doesn’t have a protective cover over the face of the iPad. I’m a little concerned that when I use it, my screen may get scratched up in my bag. But other than that, I love it. It’s fun and I have one in a neon green color. So what I’ve been doing is switching off depending on where I’m going. The price for this case is $16.95.

I can’t find an IPad case that I love. But I did find a couple that I like very much – the iPad Sleek Skin and the iPad Squish Skin. I think you will too.

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  • Sergio

    David, keep going with these reviews, disagree with Brian, I think there is space for these kind o reviews in your website. Keep them on.

  • Brian – great points, and thank you for responding in a conversational tone. We welcome all articles from our writers on computing devices such as the PSP, and I have not excluded any since becoming an editor.

    I think the Sci/Tech section can be considered “solid” and still include reviews of apps and accessories. There are plenty of examples of very reputable publications and online magazines that do just that. I respect your opinion and comment about the iPad and certainly welcome contributions on the PSP and its capabilities.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Understood and this is not personal,but, my gripe could (and should) also include those reviews of iPad apps that are just games. Seriously, the PSP is a portable computer in the sense that it has internet connectivity (wi-fi), plays music & video as well as games,but, we never see those reviews in Sci / Tech section. Why?

    Because the fact of the matter is, is that if you want a solid sci/tech section you’d stick to the reviews about the hardware because everything else isn’t that technical (or scientific). Unless, you guys cover stories about the Medical Industry & its use of the iPad. Honestly, in my opinion, it has become very apparent that even though the iPad is a supposed powerful tablet that can be used for serious applications, it has turned out to be an over-priced media PC. And, I can do almost just as much with my PSP (thanks to the hacking community – Go 6.20TN-E!) for $600 less.

  • Given that we cover the iPad, iPad apps, and iPad accessories in this section, I deemed it appropriate for Sci/Tech. I was tempted to put it in Tastes since it is made by Hard Candy, but I think there would have been some push back by the editor there.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    So, now reviews of cases for Apple products are considered Tech/Science articles?!