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Product Review: Hard Candy for MacBook Air

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I love accessories for my new 11” MacBook Air. So when I learned that Hard Candy was looking for a blogger to review their new products, I jumped. They sent me two cases to review for the MacBook Air.

The first case was a Candy Convertible Air, which comes in both 11” and 13” for the MacBook Air. It also comes in two chic colors – Red or Black. I got the red one and it is hot! The color is bright and the Hard Candy logo is in silver on the bottom of the case. The case fits snugly and securely around the MacBook Air and the material is a smooth faux-nubuck.

What I love about this case is it protects my MacBook Air from scratches and the material is soft and feels nice to the touch.

I’ve looked at other cases that fit snugly on the MacBook Air, and I wasn’t impressed. Many of the cases sold at the Apple store are translucent and seem flimsy to me. But the Candy Convertible Air is strong, solid, and simply looks great. I can hold it under my arm and it will look like a fashionable purse.

The second item is called the Bubble Sleeve and it also comes in 11” and 13” sleeves for the MacBook Air. The coolest thing about this case, and I haven’t seen this before, is that it has bumpers that are Velcro’d on the case, in bright red, making it easy to move around so that your MacBook Air fits like a glove. The product only comes in black and has a row of five bubbles across and three bubbles high. It’s also chic and cool and the best part is, if you want to use the Candy Convertible Air with the Bubble Sleeve, it’s a perfect fit.

I decided to use them both in conjunction with each other, but you can totally use them independently. Both the Candy Convertible Air and the Bubble Sleeve are superior products that not only look great, but also protect your MacBook Air beautifully.

A few weeks ago, I purchased an iCase from Apple. I wasn’t happy with the iCase because it didn’t close right. I liked that it was spongy and soft but it didn’t compare to the look and feel of the Hard Candy MacBook Air cases!


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  • Acadian

    These are intriguing products that make some real sense. I am one of those people that believe in keeping their tools looking and working in good condition. I can never understand the person who buys a notebook computer then after a short period throws it around without a cover or case.

  • Hilary Topper

    Agree! Thanks for your comments Acadian!

  • Eddie

    Thank you for this review. I had an iPad but ended up selling it and want to get an 11″ Air instead. One of the things I loved about the iPad were the numerous folio cases (I ended up with a Marware) so I could take my iPad with me just about everywhere and simply flip open the folio’s lid when I wanted to use it (thus the iPad remained in the folio case all the time protected). I’d love something very similar to the folio concept for the 11″ Air — it sounds like Hard Candy has chalked up two products that fit this need. Cheers!