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Product Review: GlovesPlay for PS2

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Have you ever had your palms so sweaty while playing a game that your hand just falls off of the controller? It has happened to many gamers before. Luckily, TruGamerz has created the perfect solution to this problem. GlovesPlay is a product that is meant to prevent sweat from getting in the way of gaming. It easily slips on your controller and fits… well, like a glove.

GlovesPlay is meant to increase comfort and wipe out the problem of sweat ruining your gaming pleasure. By helping reduce hand tension and increasing grip, gamers will surely feel more comfortable playing with their controllers. GlovesPlay is made out of a type of plush soft suede material. The product is very simple to put on your controller. It just slips right on. There are even straps at the top of the plush product to secure the device. It is also washer/dryer safe, so you can easily clean it.

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To test the product, I started up my newest favorite game for my Playstation 2: Star Wars Battlefront II. At first while touching the controller, I thought the controller felt a bit bulky. After I selected “Instant Action,” from the menu screen, I was blown away from the performance of this simple product. The extra cushion on the controller was a useful tool for boosting your gaming experience and increasing comfort while playing. Hand pain and finger cramps will be no more when using this product. I was so blown away from GlovesPlay, I hardly noticed that this product was on my controller.

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Really, there isn’t much else to talk about. I am very impressed with the performance of the GlovesPlay peripheral. The only downside I can think of is the fact that GlovesPlay doesn’t fit on third part controllers. Overall, I recommend this product if you need an extra boost to your gaming pleasure. For the price of two for $14.95, where can you go wrong?

The TruGamerz GlovesPlay is available for the Xbox and PS2, but I only tested the PS2 version.

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  • henry

    Gloveplay is no joke. It seems weird, but the gloves speak for themselves.

    Highly recommend for any serious gamer.