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Product Review: Fanny Wang Headphones

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I use my headphones for almost everything – working out, running on the boardwalk and even sometimes sitting at my desk at work. I find that music helps keep me motivated and in the moment.

When I had the opportunity to review the new Fanny Wang On Ear headphones, I was thrilled. When the box came in, it was huge. I was surprised that such a mid-sized headset would be enclosed in a box that size!

When I took the headphones out, and it did take me a while (I felt like Larry David on one of his episodes trying to open the box…), I admired the color. They are bright red, shinny headset that folds compactly into a little soft carrying case, which is included in the box.

The coolest thing about the look of these headphones is it comes in three different colors – white, black and red. The company also has variations of the “on ear” style. For example, they also sell a pink on ear headphone, which remind me of the “Hello Kitty” color. (If I had a choice, I would probably choose the pink ones for that reason alone. I’m a big Hello Kitty fan.) They also sell on ear headphones with an iPhone remote and another variation that has noise canceling cups.

I have the On Ear Headphones. They really have a cool, new look about them and when I put them on, I felt awesome. They are really comfortable and I felt as though I could wear them for hours. Actually, I barely felt them on my head.

I also like that they come with an intergrated duo jack that enables your friends to listen or view what you are listening or viewing. I tried them on my MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone.

Since most of my music is on my MacBook Pro, I wanted to listen to different types of music to see how the bass and mid range sounded. Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons sounded amazing. I felt as though if I closed my eyes, I could have been sitting in the audience hearing a live orchestra.

When I plugged it into my iPhone, I wanted to listen to Green Day’s Static Age. The bass was so articulate. According to Fanny Wang’s promotional materials, the headphones have a 40mm Titanium plate to add “punch to the base line without artificially over doing it…”

These headphones also impressed me when I listened to Moby’s Lift Me Up. You can make out every instrument. I haven’t tried these at the gym, but I think I will. When I wear them, I can’t hear anything else but the rhythmic beat of the music.

Finally Broken Bell’s Meyrin Fields sounded amazing streaming from my MacBook Air into the headphones. I listened to the album as I was writing this review.

I can’t say that they are the best headphones I ever used, but I can say that they are worth the $169.95 sticker price. The headphones really provide a beautiful sound quality in a stylish way.

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