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Product Review: Etre’s Touchy Glove – Keep Warm While Still Using Your iPhone

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Living in Los Angeles, a cold day is 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather like that rarely requires more than a sweater and a light jacket. Scarves are worn more for fashion statements than to keep warm. I only wear gloves when I am ice skating.

This year, for the first time ever, I had to go to the East Coast in winter. I guess people who live out there call it “autumn,” but it feels the same to me -– damn cold. I was in Delaware for a week on business, shooting a documentary. Of course, this documentary required me to be outside for 10-12 hours a day, where I learned about a little thing called “wind chill.” Since I was there on business, I had a constant flood of e-mails coming in to my iPhone while in the field. Of course, the wonderful and terrible thing about the iPhone is that it only responds to the touch of bare skin. I had two choices: I could be a diligent employee and check my e-mails regularly, but in doing so be forced to remove my thick red leather gloves and run the risk of getting frostbite (or whatever my usually-cozy brain perceives as frostbite), or I could save my skin and keep my tips toasty.

I chose the latter.

If only I had known about Etre’s Touchy gloves. The Touchy gloves have no fingertips on the thumb and forefinger. It allows those oh-so-important fingers to be free, while keeping those other “unimportant” fingers warm. I’m not really sure if this is better than the mitten/gloves that are popular now: fingerless gloves with a mitten “cap” that can be attached over your exposed tips.

The Touchy gloves are soft acrylic, which makes them easy to care for (i.e. machine washable). Currently they are only available in size medium and large, and come in charcoal with turquoise accents. They can be purchased at EtreTouchy.com

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