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Product Review: David Lundahl Fire Element Necklace

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In case you haven't noticed, I'm not much of a nature girl. To me, a three star hotel is "roughing it." Even still, I am loving David Lundahl's new Elements line. The collection includes pendants and rings bearing the symbols of Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood.

If you are not sure what element you are, the website has a handy-dandy "find your element" quiz. It selected "Fire" for me, which was perfect because the vain side of me liked the fire symbol best, anyway.

The symbols are based in Feng Shui and offer a "balanced sense of style." I don't really buy into Feng Shui, but I do know the right accessories really tie an outfit together, so I guess some would call that balance.

According to the website, Fire represents "courage, zeal, joy, and courtesy." In relation to myself, I would say "yes, yes, sometimes, and no way." It does say Fire people tend to have a "fiery personality." Seems a bit redundant, even if it is true about me.

This one is made of solid silver (gold and diamond-encrusted also available). It is heavy — really heavy — but not uncomfortably heavy. There is almost a soothing quality about having this enormous hunk of metal on my chest. I love heavy jewelry. I equate heavy with quality and sturdiness (goodness knows I am a klutz). Wearing this makes me want to go buy a silk kimono-style blouse. I have received tons of compliments on it.

Currently, the Elements Collection can only be purchased at DavidLundahl.

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  • sam kassover

    i just want something like that, just not expensive, i dont care wat its made out of.