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Product Review: Cranium Edición Latinoamericana

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Cranium,Inc. has recently released a version of their signature board game for the Latino community: Cranium Edición Latinoamerica. I was asked to host a Cranium Party and try it out with my friends. Here is my account of our evening playing Cranium Edición Latinoamericana.

I. Introduction

We met at Lourdes’ house around 10:00 p.m, even though we were supposed to meet there by 7:00 p.m. Sadly, punctually is not a Puerto Rican virtue. We set up the mood by putting up some Cranium balloons. We all got in gear and wore all the stuff we had been given for our party: Lisa wore the Cranium T-Shirt; Emyl, Lizzie, J.Lo and Lisa wore the Cranium cap at one time or another; Lourdes, J. Lo, Emyl and I wore the Cranium helmet at one time or another and the very decorative Mr. Snowman, posed all night by the Cranium sticker.

It took us about 2 hours to finish the game but not because it takes that long, but because we took some beverage, bathroom and smoking breaks. Nonetheless, the game enticed us to go back and finish it off. The two hours flew by, because we were all having so much fun!

II. The Players

A. Lizzie’s Team

1. Emyl Alejandro (Lisa’s son, my niece): a seven year-old cutie, with a flair for drawing.

2. Lisa Diane (like my sister): a wise mama who works as a specialized ICU and Open Heart registered nurse for Veteran’s Administration.

3. Lizzie (like a daughter to Lisa): a tall, slender, cel phone executive, who knows her Cranium from A-Z.

B. My Team

1. Jennifer a.k.a J.Lo: a slick chick with a passion for molding clay (plastillina).

2. Lourdes: a talented sales executive, who not only can talk herself through every situation but can also spell her way through it too. She also knows here way around Cranium.

3. Julizzette: the night’s host, attorney, thinker and reviewer.

III. The Game

Cranium,Inc. is the brain child of Richard Tait and Whit Alexander, two former Microsoft executives who embarked in the journey of creating a company that could help people treasure good times and wonderful memories, while learning. When Cranium was first introduced, it was a word of mouth success, becoming the best-selling board game ever. Since then, more than one million sets of Cranium have been sold worldwide, including an Austalian, Canadian, German, French, Spanish and now a Latinamerican version.

The object of the game is to get to the center of the Cranium, in the middle of the board. You can accomplish that, moving along the board, by throwing a color dice and succesfully completing the task on the card, which corresponds to the color you landed on. The first team to reach the center of the “Cranium”, wins. The catch is you only have 1 minute for every task.

The game comes with a foldable, four ply, sturdy and colorful board, a color dice, a set of game pieces, pencils, notepads, a jar of plastilina, four boxes of color-coded cards, and a one minute hour glass. Cranium can be played with four or more players and as many members as you wish, in up to four teams.

IV. Highlights

1.Emyl drew a hen for his team to decipher the phrase in Spanish: “quien vino primero, el huevo o la gallina” (who got here first, the egg or the chicken) – awesome!

2. Lisa hummed Pablo Milanes’ Yolanda – amazing!

3. Lizzie, very psyched, sat on a chair and managed to mimic a contorcionista (contortionist) – very funny!

4. J. Lo molded with plastillina (clay-like modeling dough) a whole man, just to try to point out his biceps – hilarious!

5.Lourdes was able to spell not only “merengue” backwards but also “aguinaldo” -impressive!

6. Julizzette got to decipher the “Tres, Tristes, Tigres” (famous toungue twister in Spanish) anagram while saving the game when she correctly guessed that Lourdes was mimicking the great tenor, Luciano Pavaroti. -witty!

V. After Thoughts:

Cranium is recommended for players 12 years and older. Nonetheless, our Emyl shrieked with exitement throughout the game. We could easily adapt certain tasks for his skills, thus making him part of our entertainment. Certainly, Cranium will provide great family fun, even for the little ones. Cranium, kept us all on our toes, wondering what to expect next. It never became predictable or boring. At the same time we learned the meaning of words we have never heard of, failed to decipher certain anagrams or just didn´t know there is a Stadium named “La Bombonera”. Cranium definitely provides a fun, learning experience.

What most amazed Lourdes and Lizzie, which have played the English version of Cranium, was the truly, Latin American content. They were pleasently surprised that the content had not been merely translated from English to Spanish, but adapted to Latino culture. We couldn´t believe our eyes and ears when we were told to choose from a list of titles, which one wasn’t a famous novela (soap opera). Cranium Edición Latinoamericana, will definitely appeal not only to the the latino community in the United States, but also to all Latin American countries.

For Latino’s living in the U.S.A, Cranium Edición Latinoamericana, will be a great and fun way to get int touch with their roots, while having fun with the whole family.

For more photos of our Cranium Party go here, and click under Cranium Party Set.

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