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Product Review: Cole’s Better Wild Bird Feed

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Cole’s “The Better Wild Bird Feed” has several new blends designed specifically to “defend your bird feeder and send squirrels packing.” This bird feed appealed to me because I use two wooden house-shaped feeders. The squirrels in my neighborhood have become adept at climbing up the metal pole that is holding the feeder my son built.

These crafty critters balance on the roof of the feeder and have begun chewing their way through the wood to get to whatever seed I put therein. They have effectively defeated both the metal pole and the 100-pound dog in my yard. The dog just stares up longingly while the squirrels feast away.

The first Cole’s bird feed I tried was “Hot Meats,” a “patented blend of top quality sunflower meats infused with an exclusive Habanero chili pepper and Safflower oil that birds find delicious but squirrels simply hate.” They looked so tasty I had to warn my kids not to eat them.

Week One
No squirrels! There was not one squirrel in my backyard! I spent a great portion of my days this week in the yard and did not see any squirrels. The dog is depressed because he has nothing to chase besides skinks.

I have not seen but three young blue jays at the feeder, though. Two alit on the feeder and took a “Hot Meat” sample. One blue jay flew away immediately. I thought I saw the second one shudder before flying off. The third looked at his siblings and looked at me as if to say, “What are you trying to do to us?” Then he shook his head flew away.

Week Two
I decided to try an experiment. I kept the “Hot Meats” in one feeder and put the “Special Feed” in the other. Special Feed is a “pre-treated wild bird seed that allows birders to finally win the age-old war against squirrels – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.”

Within two days, I had my birds back! Multiple varieties of birds flocked to this feeder. They loved the “Special Feed!” Unfortunately, so do the squirrels. Yes, the squirrels started gnawing through the roof of the bird feeder again!

I added “Suet Nuts” to the other feeder that still had the “Hot Meats” in the center compartment. The sides of this feeder were designed for suet cakes. I added the “Suet Nuts,” which look like Cheese Puffs, to the suet compartments. The bag reads, “Treat your songbirds to this heavenly combination of nourishing peanuts and delectable suet. They’ll thank you for it with repeat visits all year round.”

Some nuts fell out of the holes of my suet feeder during wind gusts. The dog waited for them to fall and then gobbled them right up. The ingredients in the “Suet Nuts” are peanuts, wheat flour, carmine color and high-energy suet. The dog loves them, but so do the squirrels.

While the squirrels do not touch the “Hot Meats” in the center compartment, they have fallen in love with the tasty “Suet Nuts.” In three days, all of the “Suet Nuts” have disappeared. My squirrels and my dog are happy and looking for more.

The good news about the “Suet Nuts” is that they are certainly not as messy as suet cakes. The bad news is that no bird has a chance to taste them before the squirrels consume them all. I have still not seen any birds eating the “Hot Meats.”

Week Three
I mixed the “Hot Meats” with the “Special Feed” to see if the squirrels would be kept at bay, but no such luck. The squirrels are smart enough to eat all the good stuff and leave the “Hot Meats” – so are the birds.

The feeder with only “Special Feed” in it has drawn more birds to my garden than I have ever seen before. It must be like catnip. These birds are doing strange things I have never seen before. They hang out under the hummingbird feeders waiting their turn at the “Special Feed” bird feeder. They hang out near the pool. They patiently wait for the squirrels to move out of the way before swooping in. There is no doubt about “Special Feed”: if you put it out there, they will come.

Cole’s “Special Feed” is very enticing to a wide variety of birds. If you would like to draw various species to your garden, I highly recommend this bird feed. I would also recommend the “Suet Nuts” as a cleaner way to distribute suet.

I would amend Cole’s assertion to “Defend Your Bird Feeder and Have Squirrels Packing on the Pounds” because, unfortunately, the squirrels love them, too. I cannot recommend the “Hot Meats” because my finicky birds have not yet shown a liking for it.

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  • Chris H

    I have to say that this is a total surprise to us. After decades feeding the wild birds in our various yards over the years, other than using squirrel guards/baffles or actual squirrel proof feeders, I have never heard of squirrel proof bird food.

    Our favorite mix has long been black/oil sunflower and safflower (5 to 1 ratio respectively), so the Cole’s blend sounds perfect. Thank you for the tip. We will give it a try.

  • Katie Beth

    Since using Coles Hot Meat birdfeed, we don’t have one squirrel in our yard.

  • Rich

    It’s a strange world. My birds seem to love hot meats.
    The squirrels also eat it, but at a very slow pace. I can’t tell, but I think they eat a little bit, don’t like it and quit. Then the forget, and try again. And so on. So it works for me.

  • Gawd. I hate squirrels. They are the reason why I gave up feeding birds. I certainly sense your frustration. Who wants to feed glorified rats?

    If I weren’t in a city, I’d get a BB gun. Country fried squirrel. Mmm, mmm good.