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Product Review: Clixit SkinCare for Acne

Product Review: Clixit SkinCare for Acne

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clixitMaintaining clear skin and controlling acne can be difficult – something not only teens know, but many adults can attest to as well (yes, adult acne is on the rise). I have occasional, but stubborn, adult acne. Most products I have tried help a little but I am always searching for something new that delivers results fast. When I came across a new line of products for acne-prone skin by Clixit, I purchased three items to test: the Foaming Cleanser, the Acne Eraser and the Heal & Conceal (medium shade) to wash, treat, and cover up respectively.

The first thing you notice about this brand is the colorful packaging and the innovative pens that offer a discreet and totally portable way to take your acne products with you anywhere. But what really grabs your attention is how quickly Clixit works.

To starting with the Foaming Cleanser, let’s just say I have never used such a velvety-soft cleanser before. Two pumps of the foam on damp skin deliver plenty of cleaning power. I wash, rinse and repeat as recommended on the label and my skin feels very clean and soft – not tight or dry. Then I treat my blemishes with the Acne Eraser. This is a powerful sulfur-based solution (one I have not used before) and I immediately feel the cooling sensation from the camphor. I blend it into my skin and after it dries for a minute or two, I conceal my blemishes with the Heal & Conceal brush-tip pen.

I have to say, I have tried many concealers over time, but this one dries on the skin without a waxy feel – more like a powder – and it remains that way throughout the day. The Heal & Conceal has a pleasing smell and contains conditioning botanicals, peptides, amino acids and tea tree oil to help with the healing process while it conceals.

At night, after cleansing again with the velvety foam, I notice that my blemishes really do look better. Redness and swelling are down and they appear smaller than they were 12 hours ago. So, I treat again with the Acne Eraser, and this time, I don’t bother blending but leave a generous amount of solution on each blemish to see if the 12-24 hour healing claims are true. Morning reveals great results! Two of my four blemishes are no longer visible and the other two are barely there, having shrunk by half overnight and no longer inflamed and red.

I think I have found something that works! And I love that the pens are so discreet – I keep mine in my purse and I plan on keeping one at work in my desk drawer (just in case).

One note: You may have to prime these pens a little when you first open the packaging. My Acne Eraser pen required about 18 clicks before the product emerged from the tip, and the Heal & Conceal brush tip pen needed just a few twists before it was fully primed.

Clixit says there are about 450 clicks in each pen. That should last me one month or more if I use it two to three times a day. Clixit also makes Sport Wipes, and if they work as well as these three items do, I will give them a try and will keep you posted.

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