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Product Review: Clairol Nice ‘n Easy New Color Blend Foam

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Like many women, I’ve tried various hair coloring products. I had finally found one that was not too difficult to use, did not smell too chemical-y, and was easy to use. That product was L’Oreal’s Excellence Crème. It comes with a nifty comb so that you can just touch up your roots. It doesn’t drip. The color comes out very close to the pictures on the bottle. My problem with the L’Oreal was that I found my grey hair showing within two weeks of application. Therefore, when I saw the ads on television for Clairol’s Nice ‘n Easy New Color Blend Foam, I had high hopes that this new product might work better.

The Clairol box contained two one-use packs of conditioner, a plastic squeeze bottle, and one container of dye. I followed the directions and put the dye into the squeeze bottle and shook. It foamed up, which was a neat trick. There is a line on the squeeze bottle indicating that for short hair, you must use to the line. For long hair, you are instructed to use the whole container of foam. I have hair approximately five inches past my shoulders so I considered it “long” and intended to use the whole bottle.

I was disappointed from the beginning. The foam doesn’t work into your hair like a shampoo or a cream does. It felt like a lot of effort to get the dye to cover my hair. It was messy. Without the comb, you’re just slapping foam onto your head. I could tell right away that the dye was all over my ears and forehead but I couldn’t stop to clean it up. The foam was everywhere. When I finally worked it into my hair so that my hair was soaking with dye, I looked at the squeeze bottle and wasn’t even ¾ of the way to the line for short hair. I couldn’t believe I still had about half a bottle of foam to put on my hair. I kept foaming and rubbing, foaming and rubbing. The box indicates that the new foam is “drip-free.” The foam was dripping off my hair onto my sink, my back, my shoulders, and any other place that was exposed. I never had this problem with L’Oreal.

I finally got past the line on the bottle and I stopped. I knew I couldn’t put any more dye onto my head because, frankly, it was beginning to burn my nose. The chemical smell from the foam was much stronger than I anticipated and I was in my bathroom with the door closed. I needed air. I set the timer, wrapped an old towel around me, and left the bathroom.

My boyfriend looked at me and said, “You know that stuff is all over your back, right?” I gave him a withering glance and perched on the coffee table to watch the end of a television show. I was supposed to wait 25 minutes but I couldn’t take it anymore. The chemicals were so strong that my eyes were watering. Besides, this foam had taken about 20 minutes to apply as opposed to the L’Oreal that used to take me about seven minutes. I entered the shower after 20 minutes. With the L’Oreal, any dye on my back washes off. Not so with the Clairol foam. I was tattooed on my forehead, ears, and back after my shower.

The best part of this product was the conditioner. That was the best smelling conditioner I have ever used. Unfortunately, there were only two small packs. L’Oreal’s dye comes with a tube of conditioner that I can use for about three weeks.

The results: the color was true to the box. My hair isn’t as shiny as with the other conditioner/dye. Two weeks after I used it, my grey had turned the brown into a brassy color. It does not look like highlights. It looks like I need to dye my hair again. This time, I’m going back to my L’Oreal Excellence Crème. It is much easier to use, does not drip, and does not smell nearly as bad as the Clairol.

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  • Erieside

    My hair looks shiney but I have a lot of breakage.

  • Cate

    This hair color stinks like garbage and beer!! Even after washing with shampoo i still smell it. It made my hair really dry and I can’t believe how gross it smells.

  • Loren

    The instructions do state very clearly that if dye gets on your skin, you should rinse it off immediately. Not Clairol’s fault if you don’t follow their instructions and end up dyeing your skin too. Just saying.

  • Karen Caudill

    Used this product over a month ago and been to the docter twice and the hospital and havent stop itching. Wherever it touched, my neck, my ears and head it is driving me crazy!i feel like crying all the time. Nothing they prescribed has helped. have another docter appointment probably wont do any good this time either.

  • Lea

    Clairol foam in hair color is the absolute worst product I have ever used. Save yourself $10 or 12 bucks because it isn’t worth it.

  • Ann

    I have used the regular Clairol, color blend for over a year, and thought I would give the foam a try. This is the worst product I have ever used. I applied it one week ago and already roots are showing, very messy, and has caused severe dry hair. Will never use this again

  • Claudia Sanson

    Awfully disappointing, very messy, strong chemicals after a month I’ve noticed my fine blonde hair is breaking off and it looks horrible. When I applied the dye and rinsed my hair felt like wire, after conditional a bit better. I will never us Clairol again.

  • Maria Dean

    I used your product after seeing a commercial for it on t.v. I thought it looked pretty easy to use.It did not foam up like mousse in my hand,it had a terrible strong smell,it burned my eyes and scalp,it stained my skin,it ran all over the place and it was very hard to get in my hair. I was so disappointed. I have used Nice and Easy before and there was not a problem. I do use L Oreal cream and will go back to it. I am sorry,I hate to complain,however you do need to know.

    Maria Dean