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Product Review: A.V. Max Silk Scarf Bracelets

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Whenever I find a particular item I like, I buy it in every variation. Several years ago, I found the perfect tee at Express, so I bought it in every color. I own over a dozen different James Perse tops. I fell in love with a pair of pumps, and couldn't decide between purple and green – so I bought both.

The same thing happened with these A.V. Max bracelets, purchased from BlueFly. I started with the purple and blue bracelets. I loved them so much I bought three more. One broke the first time I wore it, but BlueFly accepted the return with no hassle.

These are so versatile. I tend to avoid patterned shirts, so these bracelets just add a splash of whimsy. I love the wild patterns because they are perfect in small doses. The blue one looks very Pucci, doesn’t it? The silk scarf, wrapped around shiny faux pearls, gives it a very vintage and playful feel. I must admit, sometimes the silk annoys me. I have teeny, tiny, child-sized wrists, so all bracelets are big on me. These are no exception, and the silk tends to cause the bracelet to swing around wildly. Wearing them over long sleeves helps.

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