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Product Review and Giveaway – MusicSkins

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Note: Read on to find out how you can win your very own MusicSkin for your Classic iPod!

If you’ve bought new technology, there’s a good chance you’ll want to customize it. It’s been the thing to do over the past decade or so, as a new way of expressing one’s individuality. The makers of MusicSkins felt that with the invention of all sorts of music players there was a strong likelihood that people would be interested in personalizing their technology with music-themed skins.

A MusicSkin is essentially a sticker that one can apply to a wide assortment of hardware—MP3 players, laptops, cell phones, e-readers, even video game guitars. After I applied my Beatles “Abbey Road” theme to my classic iPod with some careful positioning techniques (i.e.: straight eyeballin’), the skin looks stellar at close range even with the slight granularity of the image.

The MusicSkin peels off easily after a day of sticking, though I do not know what it might be like after a week or a month. The makers of MusicSkins state that skins are meant to be used only once. Thankfully I found that there is enough stick available that one can readjust the skin or even store it for possible re-use.

The range of images one can choose from is astounding. Sorting through the wide array of music groups, TV shows, artists, and models at the MusicSkins website, it can be difficult to choose among one’s interests. There are still a few omissions (the Black Keys, the Roots), but really, if a particular theme is not available it is easy enough to find another choice among the hundreds available. I do wish that one was able to zoom in on some of the example pictures while browsing to get a better idea of what one will be looking at in hand. I suppose that some imagination will be necessary when purchasing.

The one aspect of a MusicSkin that might cause people to balk is the price. Most skins range from $15-$30, with the higher price reserved for laptop adornments. If you are someone who is of the moment and tends to change favorites often, keeping up with skins can ring up quite a bill. Given that they are also not meant to be used more than once, you might find it hard to stomach throwing away something you bought for $15 on a whim.

However, if you tend to stick with artists and enjoy them for a long time, getting a MusicSkin is affordable, and as I mentioned, if you mean to keep your MusicSkin for some time then sorting through the website carefully before choosing is critical. For now, I imagine I’ll be watching the Beatles cross Abbey Road for awhile.

A MusicSkin is a visually pleasing way to express yourself through technology—and it’s a conversation starter.

MusicSkins can be found in most cross-media music stores as well as online, but you can win one by entering our Blogcritics giveaway.

Click here to enter to win a MusicSkin that will fit a Classic iPod (80/120/160 GB). You can choose a theme featuring Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, the Ramones, or the Beatles. (To see what they look like, go to the MusicSkins website.)

Deadline to enter: February 3, 2011.

Good luck!

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    Even though MusicSkins states the skins can be used only once, the reality is that if you remove them carefully, they are fully reusable. Just be sure not to stretch the skin when peeling it off. The adhesive backing will last indefinetly if you store the skin on it’s orginal packaging when not in use. Just saying…