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Prison Jumpsuits and Rolex Watches

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Who is this year’s biggest scoundrel in business? On Thanksgiving Day CNBC is showing another one of its great specials, profiling the biggest crooks and scoundrels on and off Wall Street.

If you’ve never watched one of the CNBC specials that air on holidays, they are worth checking out. The shows are mostly geared toward all the husbands/fathers who don’t know what to do while wife is basting the turkey and kids are watching Mickey Mouse float down the street on a flatbed truck. But anyone interested in a little intellectual mind-stretching (just a little — remember this is CNBC) will find them interesting.

Until then, you can go on over to the CNBC site and take the online poll to vote for the biggest scoundrel.

As of this posting, Dennis Kozlowski is the leader of the rogue’s pack, with 47% of the vote. The Koz, as you will recall, is accused of bilking $600 Million out of Tyco. To put that in perspective, $600 Million is more than the annual budget for the entire country of Afghanistan.

About $2 Million went for his wife’s birthday party on the island of Sardinia, off the coast of Italy. Jimmy Buffett got some of that, as it cost $250,000 to fly in his band to the island. The oiled male-model gladiators got a chunk, as did the caterer who baked the breast-shaped cake with sparklers. And don’t forget the ice sculptor who carved a cool Michaelangelo’s David with vodka coming out of his — well, you know.

…but, will the parties in slam be half as chic?

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