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Princess Di Turns Over in Her Grave

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It sounds like a parody: A Newsweek cover with a 50-year-old Princess Diana walking alongside Kate Middleton. Surely, this can’t be a real cover, since no one could disrespect a Princess, a mother, and a wife who has passed away by Photoshopping what she would look like if she were alive today.

It turns out, Tina Brown can.

And she has.

There’s an accompanying story to boot, predicting what Princess Di would be like at 50, including what her Facebook wall would look like. Here’s a spoiler: She would be friends with Camilla, and Charles would show his approval with a “Like.”

Surely this can’t be the way we honor people’s memories. It’s disgusting, unacceptable, and downright rude.

I’m sure this is exactly what William and Harry wanted to see on their mother’s birthday. 

Let’s hope that there’s a chance the princes can be guarded from this, though I’m not sure if there is in an age when even the Pope is tweeting.

If you want to know the true Princess Diana, you should check out Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words and stay away from the fabricated articles.

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  • Billie

    they could have atleast made Diana look 50 and not 70 years old! GOOD GOD who did this Newsweek cover?!!! It is horible!

  • I agree. This is, not so much tasteless, but unnecessary. I was in the print business when Diana passed away and was on the job in the early hours of her and Dodi’s demise. Not an easy nights work but as a nation the British, generally, don’t appreciate such a lack of respect and I don’t believe the world in general does either.

  • jmp

    No less tasting than you concern yourself with it. With all that attention, the magazine will prosper greatly and suddenly the world’s tabloid junkies come to your blog – your day has been made! Anyway, you know all this, of course, as you are a PR vulture.

  • fred

    Judging by the comments over at Newsweek’s site, I think Ms.Brown just managed to kill the magazine.

  • William Waite

    I agree completely… it’s entirely tasteless. But then we must keep in mind that Newsweek ceased to have any credibility or relevance many, many years ago.