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Prince features “suicide bombing” in his next video

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CMU reports that Prince is trying that ole’ chestnut get your video banned for maximum publicity. His subject matter will probably annoy a large proportion people and will ensure a great deal of publicity for his newest release.

The video to the new Prince song ‘Cinnamon Girl’ shows an Arab-American girl
blowing herself up at an airport. The suicide bomber is played by the Oscar-nominated Whale Rider actress Keisha Castle-Hughes who said she agreed to play the part because she is fed up with the anti-Arab sentiments she encounters in post 9-11 America. In the video it turns out the bomb detonation is just in the girl’s imagination…”

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  • I agree it’s probably founded in part by publicity (this IS the artist who changed his name to a squiggle for a while), but Prince has always expressed a strong desire for all people to accept each other regardless of what they look like or act like as long as they aren’t acting like haters.

    This seems like a reasonable stance for a half black-half white person who’s music combines funk, rap, pop and killer guitar solos that would make any heavy metal band proud.


    True. A young Arab girl like this is SO mistreated here in America. It’s too bad she’s not somewhere where a young woman can breath free, such as back in the home countries like Syria or Iran.

  • Adam Bloom

    But she’s talking about arab’s in general, and “you’re better of here then you are there” just doesn’t cut it when “All men (are supposedly) created equal.”

  • Alright then, what horrible damned oppression are Arabs being given in America? It better be something a little more significant than an occasional suspicious glance.