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Prince Charles and Looking Good

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(Note: This was written on October 31, Halloween) Well, Prince Charles and Camilla are visiting the United States this week. Charles is expected to tell President Bush all about how he needs to get cracking on the Kyoto Treaty and how people should be terrified about global warming and, oh yes, how the United States should start showing more respect to Muslim countries and how racist, unsophisticated and provincial we are here in the United States.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Prince Charles dressed as Count Dracula

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Prince Charles dressed as a leprechaun (probably for St. Patrick’s Day) in the hopes of making friends with the Irish

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Prince Charles dressed as a Native American to remind everyone that the British once joined with the American Indians to fight off the French in the “colonies” way back when the sun never set on the British Empire and all that.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Prince Charles dressed to kill in his Muammar Ghadaffi costume

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Prince Charles in today’s Halloween costume looking very convincingly like a Hotel doorman (I am not making this up. This is what he actually wore today, October 31, 2005).

Like St. Paul, Prince Charles clearly believes that he “can be all things to all people.” Except, in Charles’ case, the people are snickering.

Note to Prince Charles: Please set your own house in order before telling us what to do. You know what I mean….you are aware, of course, that Muslims and Blacks have been rioting against each other in Birmingham, England this past week (Note how the British news calls the rioters “asians” so as to avoid calling them Muslims/Pakistani immigrants). I haven’t seen much of that in the U.S. lately. Perhaps we should treat Muslims just like the English do, what?

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  • beadtot

    The day that Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were scheduled to be feted at the newly-construct-ed DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park — a Satur-day in San Francisco, California — the metal gates to the remaining tunnel near the tennis courts were locked so that no one and no creature could ‘surprise’ the guests with an unseemly entry.

    That the new museum has the appearance of a hogan or airplane hangar (and was in fact intended to be submitted as a design compatible with Los Angeles, California) no doubt was reason to bar any but overland routes towards the Golden Gate Park Concourse (still in the process of cons-truction of a mammoth underground garage, during which existing concourse tunnels have been razed).

    Not even the invited Prince could bound undetected to the flower beds near the Conservatory of Flowers greenhouse and pluck a posy for his new bride. More importunely, several residents — three of them children — had been swept off Pier 7 near the Ferry Building into the harbor where they drowned, said the mass media, immediately during and following the grand opening celebration activity.

    After the first drownings, a box of celebration program announcements lay scattered on the ground as if discarded near a statue which heralded the structure along the pathway. Crows screamed and circled as the bones of previous victims roiled into the surf, to be found or not. The Park itself was pretty vacant during the day that royalty touched down to have a look-see, as if the mere sight of the couple would generate a one-way ticket to the ‘bergs.

  • Darren

    That was funnier than the article! 🙂

  • Darren, I once read that the two shortest books in the world were; 1. The Complete Book of English Gourmet Cooking, and; 2. The Complete Book of German Humor.

    Do you, by any chance, happen to be German?

  • Darren

    Geez – slow news day in the “blogosphere”, Pastor? The Monarchy is an easy cop-out target for the uninformed, layabout twentysomething crowd who read these sub-Onion “satirical” pieces. Maybe one of them, real high on homegrown weed, or possibly drunk, even got a laugh out of this piece. Or maybe it was just the fly crawling on the screen that induced the non-stop chuckling.

    I am not making this up. This was not funny. Why? Despite the obvious challenges and essential powerlessness of being a Windsor, Charles gives a damn. As misguided as some of his attempts are, I still admire him for giving a sh*t. As opposed to “Oh My God! He’s British – Let’s Make Fun Of Him! It’ll Be F*ing Hysterical! I’ll Win Public Acclaim For Being Original! People Will Like Me!

    To quote Kramer when he was practicing his break-up lines in the mirror, “You contribute nothing to society…”

  • Another reason why am a monarchist.