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Presidential rhinoplasty scandal aflame!

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Wonkette! linked yesterday to my exclusive! report on President Bush’s apparent nose job.

And now the established expert site on the matter, Awful Plastic Surgery, has picked up on it:

Did George Bush have a nose job? It looks like he might have had his nose tweaked, see this site for evidence. His new nose looks very obvious; it has that ‘plastic surgery’ look. I will be following up on this story in the next few days!


We have an Actual Expert Opinion now, so the next level up is officially allowed to report on it. New York Post, where are you on this one? You slooze, you lose.

[Originally posted to Brian Flemming’s Weblog.]
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  • Tom

    Don’t forget about the Marital indiscressoins of John Kerry.

    He cheated on his wife with an intern.

  • it is my understanding that george w. bush had to have surgery on his nose because he has had his head so far up his ass for so long that it crushed the cartlige. this can also explain all the shit that spews from his idiotic mouth.
    jack e. jett

  • Oh. My. God. Do you people have nothing else to do? Do you realize how childish and stupid this makes you look?

    And for the record, no, I see absolutely no evidence in any of the pictures that Bush has had anything done to his nose. But please do entertain us – what would this have to do with anything?

  • Dave

    From what I have heard, Brian, the results of your recent transgendering surgery was not even noticed by your significant other for nearly three weeks. He was heard telling a friend, “Hell, it was barely worth removing!”

  • hey dave:

    low blow. but good one.

    jack e. jett

  • Big Mouth Brenda

    Sheffield Gayphone slammed after being accused of Sexually harrassing a 17 year old boy.

    A British Actor has had to flee the City of Sheffield after the helpline launched a hate campaign against him and sent Death Threats.

    So called ‘helpline’ Sheffield Gayphone have been nicknamed ‘the dirty 69 helpline’ after its been revealed they are at the centre of a sex scandal.

    The helpline has had complaints flooding in from sexual harrassment, threatening behaviour and intimidation.

    They have also been condemned for having a telephone number ending in 69 69.

    What sort of a professional helpline for the gay community has a telephone number ending in ‘69 69′ and what sort of a professional helpline has a statement on their website which clearly reads ‘we dont offer sexual services’. One which clearly does.

    Was the telephone company making fun of them giving them a 69 telephone number. Or is that what they wanted.

    Sheffield gayphone have already been slammed for being too overfunded, receiving £2000 a year UK Taxpayers money and a £10,000 grant from the lottery.

    Why do they get this money one asks, why indeed?


    I went to the meetings of Sheffield Gayphone Recently, I cannot believe the people their, they just want to get into your pants, sexually harrassing you all the time.

    Theres no wonder why everyone is complaining about them, they are perverts who are very fucked up people.

    Everyone should steer clear of these fucked up idiots before they cause some real damage

    Even though by the sounds of it they already have.