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Presidential Candidate to Visit Today

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Libertarians, political junkies, curious folks, and those who believe that Presidential campaigning should include all 50 of these grand United States will descend from all around Indiana, and even central Illinios and Ohio for their chance to meet and support LP Presidential candidate and native Hoosier Michael Badnarik in Noblesville today, Saturday, October 2 at 7:00pm (local time).

Badnarik will be winding down his 2-day tour through Indiana at Lutz’s Steakhouse on SR32 about halfway between downtown Noblesville and Westfield. The event is free and open to the public, although naturally there will be appeals for donations. There will be a cash bar and hors d’eouvers.

Several other LP candidates and officials will be on hand, including Michael’s mother, Elaine Badnarik. Elaine is the LP’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Blogcritic and candidate for US Senate Al Barger (L-IN), may also attend. Most of the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s brass will be on hand, too.

I’m glad that Badnarik is coming here now, because here we are in the thick of the campaign season, and national issues aren’t being as hotly discussed in Indiana as they are in Ohio, Florida, Iowa, and New Mexico. Nothing wrong with Indiana, but everything wrong with how campaigns wind down, and a bit of a criticism of the Electoral College system. Both Bush and Kerry know via polls that Indiana is a red state. Nothing Kerry does or says will change this, so he has given up on campaigning here. Bush is comfortable enough that he won’t bother campaigning here either. Hard to fault either of them, though. It makes perfect sense for them to chase after the close states and ignore the ones that are certain. There is no advantage in taking a 60-40 victory in Indiana and turning it into a 70-30 win, because as Al Gore can tell you, winning the popular vote means squat. Indiana is still 12 electoral votes, and Bush and Kerry know that these belong to Bush. Great strategy, but not so great for a population to be utterly ignored by the top of the ticket. So, thank goodness for Badnarik.

In person appearances are always preferable to televised debates as a means to make a decision on a candidate. The opportunity to actually pose your own question can often exist. If you want an unfiltered 2-hour look at the candidate to really examine facial expressions and body language, this is the only way.

Hoosiers can now round out the “debate” that wasn’t a debate, but rather, a two-headed infomercial. Libertarian Michael Badnarik, despite being on the ballot in 48 states, and a choice available to roughly 98% of all Americans, wasn’t included. (Collusion isn’t pretty when business does it to rip off the public. It’s even uglier when two candidates for President do it.)

Blogcritics insider heads-up: This event is MacDiva’s dream-come-true. Three of her favorties will be together in one room- Badnarik, Al Barger, and myself.

(Distilled from two recent posts on my blog, Kole Hard Facts of Life.)

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  • Interesting event yesterday. A couple drove all the way from St. Louis to see Badnarik, along with another couple from the southern Indiana border. A full room, with many LP candidates and state officials present, along with other supporters. I had the honor of introducing him to the crowd, reminding them and the reporters present that unlike Bush and Kerry, Michael Badnarik is still campaigning across the 50 states, not just Florida and Ohio.

    Badnarik’s entire presentation was extemporaneous. He has Iraq as his top issue, with the economy as his second. Unlike Kerry’s “opposition” to Bush, Badnarik in unequivocal in the Iraq adventure as a mistake, not to be corrected by a lengthier, more expensive stay, but by getting out. He took questions from the crowd, and would have done Q&A all night had I allowed him to go on.

    Badnarik’s personal touch has improved enormously since his 2nd 2004 visit (this wass his 4th), where he scarcely mingled throughout the room to ask people for their support and votes. Now he does just that, seeking out every person he hasn’t yet spoken to. He joked about how he has media in four locations claiming him as their own, with local-boy-does-well stories.

    Good event, even if under the radar of most.