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President Rushing Back to White House! We’re Saved!

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President Rushing Back to White House! We’re Saved!

The President is “rushing” back to Washington today in order to “deal with” the aftermath of Katrina. One White House spokesman became snippy when once again a reporter mentioned that Bush seemed to be on vacation at Crawford more than he was on the job in Washington.

“He’s so wired to Washington he could do most his work from here!” Claimed the spokesman! When another reporter mentioned that the ”wires” looked suspiciously familiar, the White House aide mentioned that yes they were actually wires to the President’s PLAYSTATION TWO. Trying to bounce back from this embarrassing fact the aide blurted, there’s many who think he can do more for the country if he stayed in Crawford! Approximately 30 seconds later another aide announced that the first aide was now being reassigned to a diplomatic post in the Congo…

One reporter managed to yell a question to Bush as the President stood talking to a cow, until it was pointed out that Karl Rove was actually back at the house. “Mr. President, isn’t your rushing off to Washington seen as largely symbolic?” The President, squinting and glaring in the morning sun approached the reporter. “What’s symbolic mean?!” He yelled. Then he gave a knowing nod. “You can trick me with those fake words!” The President then continued discussing the severe problems Katrina has brought with Karl, who moo’d in agreement. Some reporters later stated they didn’t think Karl’s moo sounded as sincere as one would expect, given the circumstances…

(at this late printing we’ve learned Karl was slaughtered and will be the main course at the going-away bar-b-que this afternoon at the Crawford Ranch)

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  • Nancy

    Lol – funny. Thanks.

  • Bush is back in the White House? Whew! Now that flooding will ease up and people can get back to living normal lives (under twenty feet of water).

  • billy

    great, hes back, now he should figure out why he cut 100 million from the LA corps of engineers, who could have re-built the dykes, to finance 8 hours of the iraq war.

  • He’s going to the hurricane ravaged area on Friday. What’s he going to do? Stand atop a displaced casino in Biloxi with a Biloxi firefighter and blame North Korea for the hurricane? Will he return to New Orleans next week, wearing a National Guard uniform, with a banner across the front of City Hall saying “Mission Accomplished”?

  • alethinos59

    Yes indeed, our lil Bush certainly never wants to be forgotten… And he won’t, due to his insane debacle…

    As I’ve said before… Did Sadaam need to be dealt with? Of course. In this manner, at this time? Absolutely not.

  • alethinos59

    All politicians know are photo opps. They have no conception of what is Real. They know political “reality” but that is a nightmare of THEIR own making… It doesn’t even carry the faint odor of Reality…

    La realta’ morde… E non lasciera’ nessuno.

  • MCH

    Maybe he’ll try his “I know how hard it is to put food on your family” speech again.

  • Can we say photo op? The White House has announced that the President will now go on the ground and take a look at the devastation and chaos first hand. The healing can now begin. The President will pose, grab a bullshit horn and speak to the crowds. They’ll rally behind him. Hope is on the way, I can feel it deep in my bones.