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President Obama Going to California in April to Assist Senator Barbara Boxer

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Considering the rise of incumbent unpopularity and the fact that Senator Barbara Boxer –– the three-term Democratic senator –– is confronting her own unfavorable rating, which has recently shot up to 51 percent; Boxer is now facing what is expected to be her toughest re-election “bout” yet. However, President Obama has decided to step in as “promoter in chief” and will be making a trip to California next month to help raise money for Boxer and the Democratic National Committee: a fundraiser event that is set to take place in Los Angeles.

Boxer, a staunch progressive, needs a jolt to her campaign because Republican hopefuls are closing in. The latest Rasmussen poll puts Boxer in a virtual dead heat with Tom Campbell in California’s U.S. Senate race and Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore remain within striking distance.

The three Republican candidates, who are in a match of their own fighting to get into the "ring" with Boxer, are aggressively stepping up their strategies and snatching strong “ringside” support. Carly Fiorina, the wealthy former Chief Executive of Hewlett-Packard, just last week secured a very high profile endorsement by former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Tom Campbell, on the other hand, is a former member of Congress, who seems to fit the moderate Republican profile, has the backing of Conservative GOP politician Bill Simon. Meanwhile, Chuck DeVore, a Republican Assemblyman, has just snagged the support of the Tea Party Express, which will be announced today at a mega rally –– located in Senator Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight, Nevada and headlined by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

So far it looks like Fiorina has a slight lead over Campbell, while DeVore trails behind. The Republican California primary coming up in June will be fascinating to watch and its outcome will decide who will get into the much anticipated political bout with Boxer. And with such an important midterm election coming up in November, that looming question arises: will Boxer get “knocked out” of the California senate seat, marking a predominately liberal state into the “red?"

With "dope" now on the 2010 California November ballot, which has the possibility of turning California "brown," coupled with an unpredictable political climate, it is safe to assume anything can happen!

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  • AP: Obama to raise money for Boxer in Calif. on Monday
    WASHINGTON — A White House official says President Barack Obama will go to Los Angeles on April 19 to raise money for Sen. Barbara Boxer.

    The president’s intentions to head to California had been known for weeks, but not the date. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the trip next Monday has not been announced.

  • cannonshop

    #34 Handy, I’ll believe it when I see it-California, like any big state, is dominated by the major cities-all of which, are Heavy-Left strongholds in an election year where the Democrats are definitely going to be very active. When you add in the damage from the Republican primary (and let’s face it, there WILL be damage from that-the prize is just too big for EVERYONE to stay clean here) what I suspect, is that the GOP candidates will probably destroy each other in the primary-leaving whoever’s ‘lucky’ enough to get the nomination very weakened against a Dem incumbent whose organization hasn’t had to blow their war-chest fighting a primary fight, and whose supporters aren’t divided with bad feelings over said primary fight.

  • Her “district” is the entire state of California, infamously schizophrenic politically and fully capable of electing a Republican senator.

  • cannonshop

    I think it’s kind of funny Obama’s concerned about Boxer-she’s facing three Republicans-they’ll tear each other apart like the calico-cat and Gingham Dog long before Election day, and her district’s a ‘safe’ democrat seat.

    I think he just wants a vacation…

  • Very astute comment.

  • Rollo

    Boxers problems will be good for California. Remember Obama has lots of stimulus money. Expect much news over the next six months regarding big bucks brought home by Boxer to stimulate the voters!

  • Dave: All good; there are so many dang organizations anyway, plus I think I just made a new friend.

  • Silas (#27),

    It’s the hatred that makes folks blind.

  • My mistake. Parke. I misinformed Christine — and I should have known better — but I was away from my source material and remembered a discussion of the CRA endorsement and the endorsement that was done recently for another California candidate (Thibodeau) and munged it all together into a nugget of misinformation.


  • Some folks are just beyond hope, Roger. Take the fringes on the right and left. I have a feeling that the tide has turned for the President. This victory may just turn his numbers around in the short term which will only serve to fuel the vitriol from the far right. We’re in for a long, hot summer.

    And, not for anything, isn’t Congress being unconstitutional by taking an “Easter recess”? Just as they take a “Christmas recess”? I really think the members of Congress need to measure their words most carefully. They are all guilty of injecting God into their process.

  • Janette,

    Apparently you suffer from reading comprehension. Think Chinatown with Nicholson and Dunaway. Then re-read #21 word for word, syllable by syllable if need be.

    If that won’t help, I’m afraid nothing will.

  • Janette

    You called Boxer a monster. Not Ann.

  • Janette

    So glad b.o. is coming to town so we can be certain boxer will never win re-election. What a relief!!

    My vote of confidence is going to DeVore.

  • Ann

    OH and JOHN the California legislature is controlled by the Democrats with the same mindset as Boxer. Our latest massive fee hikes were voted in by the majority when the went over the California Constitution. Chuck DeVore resigned his Chief Republican Whip position in protest to the Villenes and Arnold going along with it. There are people of principle and its not the CA Democratic controlled (vote to have a “no cussing week” legislature) EGADS find out who is in control up there. Arnold is a mess and goes right along with them. Fiorina is another Arnold. Don’t be fooled.

  • Ann

    Obviously you don’t watch CSPAN. She and Feinstein stood hip to hip on the Senate floor to keep the water from being turned back on for the farmers. Research it you will see SHE IS a monster. Not to mention a constituent who went to her and Feinstein for help with her mother in a prison in China. She turned a deaf ear to her. GUESS who helped her and spoke with the Chinese consulate? Guess who helped her and her mother was released? IT WAS CHUCK DEVORE. No fanfare, no headlines, just helping a constituent. Year of the woman candidate my eye.

  • That comment by Ann about central valley farmers is indeed out of left field.

    Whatever Ms Boxer may be, she’s not a monster.

  • John Wilson

    Ann, #15, is quite silly:

    “She helped and continues to keep water from our central valley farmers.” Good. Farmers get unmetered water at no cost which enables them to grow cotton and other wasteful crops. Make ’em pay.

    “She is left wing ideologue that has helped California to crumble into the state decay. ”

    CA is crumbling from rightist maniacs in Sacto: 23 years out of past 28 for Republican governors and a legislature stymied by the 2/3 budget requirement.

  • Here’s hoping Obama’s support will be as helpful to Barbara Boxer as it was to Martha Coakley and Creigh Deeds.

    Quoted for the Novena currently in progress with St. Jude.

  • A correction to the above story:

    At least at present, California Senate Candidate Chuck DeVore does not have the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

    Current California endorsements of the Republican Liberty Caucus can be seen here:



    Parke Bostrom
    Secretary, Republican Liberty Caucus of California

  • Boxer could possibly lose in the fall, although that is by no means certain at this point. But tying her troubles to Obama is wishful thinking.

    Pres. Obama has long polled better in California than nationally. Currently, his favorability rating is at 47-48% nationally, and 52% in Calif.

    Our friends on the right often project their own intensely negative feelings about the president onto the electorate as a whole.

    Barbara Boxer is not Martha Coakley. And certainly neither Tom Campbell nor Carly Fiorina is Scott Brown. [If Republicans are short-sighted enough to nominate Jim DeMint-endorsed extremist Chuck DeVore, they will be throwing away their opportunity to take this seat.]

    And a November election is not like a low-turnout special election held in January.

    Seven months is a long time in politics. But I agree that both the gubernatorial and senatorial races in Calif will be fascinating.

  • Arch Conservative

    I don’t want to pour on……yeah I do.

    Here’s hoping Obama’s support will be as helpful to Barbara Boxer as it was to Martha Coakley and Creigh Deeds.

  • Ann

    I love he’s coming. Like another poster said,” its the kiss of death.” She helped and continues to keep water from our central valley farmers. She is left wing ideologue that has helped California to crumble into the state decay. Taxpayers are leaving CA at the rate of 3,000 a month.

    The ONLY fiscal responsible candidate running in the GOP primary is Chuck DeVore. He resigned his Chief Republican Whip position in protest to the massive fee hikes foisted on the California residents and the top Reps (Arnold and Villines) going along with it. He also campaigned against Prop 1A – 1F (1F has a loophole to give the legislature raises)

    Carly Fiorina is just another Arnold with dubious business dealings (HP sales to Iran via a foreign subsidary) and Campbell has dubious connections with a donor that has jihadist (Sami Al-Arian) connections and refuses to return the money.

  • Rollo

    As Obama said the other day, bring it on! He needs to come to Caleefornia to seal B Boxers fate. Maybe he can give her and Arnold a one way ride on Air Farce One. Two less air heads in California would do wonders for the enviroment.

  • Baronius

    In a lot of respects, I don’t understand politics. If the President didn’t campaign for Boxer, would people think she was a moderate? Would they not be able to figure out the Obama/Boxer connection? Those two are ideologically identical.

    Boxer is a known commodity in California. She shouldn’t be able to campaign as anything other than what she is.

  • El, I don’t know much about weed; so maybe you are correct. Isn’t kind of brownish when you smoke it?

  • Jamesb

    Cool! Obama shilling for Boxer equals the political “kiss of death”. Buh Bye Boxer.

  • Brown? You must get terrible weed in your neck of the woods. If the pot prop passes, it would turn CA green.

    “she actually represents her district”

    No, her state.

  • Welcome back, Handy. But perhaps you should take it rather easy on your old foes lest they wish you hadn’t come back.

    I certainly would want to see you disappear for another three months.

    Talk to you tomorrow.

  • Bitter much these days, Dave?

  • I hope they do befoe and after polls for Obama’s visit. It will be interesting to see if Boxer drops significantly. She may be immune to the Obama curse because she’s already well enough known and hated in her own right.


  • Obama coming to stomp for Boxer is the kiss of death. That’s fine with me..they both have unfavorable left wing socialist leanings. She wants cap and trade which will tax us to death. She brokered the deal to get the Nebraska yes vote. Insulting and arrogant..turned off her phones..refused to have town hall meetings. I could go on but she makes me sick.

  • Well she IS SENATOR Boxer until January. There must be respect for the office in an of itself, not necessarily the occupant. If the election were held today I think she’d lose handily. Unfortunately there are too many months until election day and the voters’ collective memory recall is not so great. Her success or failure thereof is predicated on the events within the four weeks approaching the fateful day. Carly Fiorina is an interesting candidate however her record at HP will drive a stake into the heart of her campaign by the folks in Silicon Valley who detest her. There’s no doubt Boxer has to go — I just worry about the prevailing GOP nominee. Putting a rabid Christian Conservative in her place would be equally bad for the nation. A more Scott Brown -type of candidate would be nice. Where’s Sonny Bono when you need him?

  • I would say this is a sure fire way to end her career as a politician, but she actually represents her district exactly they way they want her representing them, as loony as she is. This is the same wonderful woman who spoke to one of our highly decorated armed forces men like he was 5 years old, demanding he refer to her as SENATOR Boxer, not Ms. Boxer.

  • Auhhhhhhh, I am so glad! I had started this a long time ago and was waiting for things to unfold so that I could write about it. It is my home state after all. I am only 3 and half hours away from LA so maybe I can get a photo with President Obama and his autograph! You think?

  • Mark

    Clean and straightforward…nice, Christine.