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President George Bush Gives His Foot to the War Effort

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George I (as in Washington) actually led his troops into harms’ ways. George III, tho more indispensable than George I apparently – forfend we risk his hide, did decide, finally, on Christmas Day (CHRISTmas Day, by the way, you stupid heathen) to demonstrate the Necessity and Nobility of the Iraqian Cause & Course by chopping off one toe for each 500 dead & 500 mutilated. (A cumulative thousand per toe – not one toe for each 500. Of course, there are abundant mutilated to bolster the sum.) (Americans, duh. Counting Iraqis is for yellow-bellied bleeding heart defeatists like Howard Dean. If it weren’t for Howard Dean, we would have had victory in Iraq already.)

George III doesn’t want people to think he is just shipping off mainly poor young men to the slaughter streets & yellow-brick IED roads.

No, no – tho he evaded Vietnam, he feels his noble responsibility as President is to walk – well, limp now – the talk. As of Dec 31, 2005, George III has gallantly contributed four & .356 toes to the noble Cause & the noble Course.

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  • That might be one way to keep the administration from putting its foot in its mouth.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Should have been under ‘satire’, Poblog. George III, eh? Clever.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Boy, what an idiot I am!! I just saw in big red letters ‘satire.’

  • Bliffle

    Some would say GWB has been giving it to us for 5 years now. Some would say. But not me. I’m not a troublemaker. Are you guys on that phone tap listening? I AM NOT A TROUBLEMAKER!

  • One fewer feet for the Weirdsters to put in their rapacious mouths — ChanceLucky — I like that –.

    Ruvy, yeah, America goes from King George III to Emperor George III. We did have some good innings in between. I apologize on behalf of the sane people who are left here — a few of us undrugged by OxyTheism & OxyPatriotism. (I may still be a tad susceptible to OxyGoring — I can still get vexed when the Far-Right Righteous spread the Talking Points like kudzu.)

    C’mon, Bliff, you’re toast. No disclaimers will save you from waterboarding, but, hey, at least it ain’t torture. This Administration doesn’t torture. You heard it here second. I’ll send you a postcard from from Gitmo.