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Preposterous Slander on the Land of the Rising You-Know-What

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You sure couldn’t prove it by me or anyone I know here in Japan, the land of eros unsurpassed in the realms of subtlety, but according to the annual nosy survey that condom-maker Durex conducts every year (“Pardon us for interrupting at just this moment, but…”), the Japanese have the least active sex life in the world, for two years in a row. Preposterous.

This in contrast to the Greeks, who according to the survey seem to have time for little else at pole position number 1, several lengths ahead of the staidly randy British, who nevertheless barely outstroked the understandably fading Americans, who even so tower at more than double the DIP (Demographic Intercourse Proportion) of the Japanese.

That would perhaps explain the declining birth rate in Japan, but not the surge in profits from the tumescent growth of love hotels, which are often hidden away in discreet locations in keeping with the Japanese desire for privacy regarding the wanton expression of untameable passion when, for example, sequestered behind the folding screens atop the rocking motorcycle in the velvet room of the Candy Box hotel down that long road on the mountain…

I think it’s more likely, given the Japanese penchant for privacy, that the Durex folks, not being from around here, just didn’t know where to look.

Lowest DIP in the world? No way.

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  • Do you have a link for this survey?

  • Eric Olsen

    hilarious Robert, thanks! Yes, would be great to see the whole survey result.

    Where DO you think the Japanese fit into the DIP scheme of things, and why do you think they “poll” lower than what you perceive as the reality?

  • They don’t DIP deep enough, perhaps?

  • Doesn’t this just reflect the fact that the Japanese practice withdrawal rather than condom use?


  • helper dwarf

    the survey ranking is here

    Click here to get to the page offering the whole survey:

  • Eric Olsen

    hilarity Aaman!

    Is the survey condom-centric?

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Dawrf, you are indeed helpful – the survey site is very slow to load, btw

  • I think the Japanese think a lot about sex. But also remember that the Japanese have the world’s oldest population and with age and a few other things that the Japanese like to do (smoke and drink) the ability to have sexual intercourse declines (or to put it another way, impotence becomes a greater problem).

    Japan has the world’s longest life expectancy for both men and women.

    A better study would have broken down the rate by age group and also factored in smoking and drinking habits.

    Smoking and drinking both increase impotence.

    The other problem many Japanese face as compared to Americans and French is the longer work week and work hours.

    So I would guess that these were not factored in and so perhaps the overall methodology was not a good one.

    I also wonder if the question was: how often do you have sex with your wife or how often do you have sex? Oh, and just how does one define sex.

    I do recall that they used to have door-to-door condom sales people and privacy can be a problem in the cities in Japan (besides the love hotels and hentai).