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A pregnancy calendar is designed to help pregnant women understand what is happening to her and her fetus during each week of pregnancy. There is generally an average of 40 weeks in a pregnancy calendar, however it’s very common for the calendar to be extended to 42 weeks or more.

Also known as a week by week calendar, most include descriptions of the changes happening within the woman’s body, as well as fetal developments.

The pregnancy calendar is broken down into three sections for each of the trimesters of the pregnancy term. The first trimester consists of weeks 1-12, the second trimester consists of weeks 13-28, and the third trimester consists of weeks 29-40. Other terms that are directly related to pregnancy calendars are pregnancy week by week calendar, pregnancy week by week, pregnancy term, and gestation term.

You can find bloggers talking about pregnancy calendars on sites like Scottsdale mom’s Blog and Pregnancy Calendar Blog.

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