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Dan Fogelberg, circa mid-90s If you wouldn’t mind, please offer up some prayers and/or positive vibrations for Dan Fogelberg. The 53-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist — whose music has enthralled this writer for more than three decades — recently confirmed that he is fighting advanced prostate cancer. The diagnosis, delivered two months ago, was cited as the reason behind the cancellation of Fogelberg’s fall 2004 solo acoustic tour of the US East Coast.

The operative question: How is Dan doing?

Don’t expect trustworthy answers from the press. Media reports have announced that the cancer has spread to his bones, that he is undergoing “experimental treatment” at Harvard Medical Center. One story even stated that the artist was “dying,” noting that studies show that only 25 percent of men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer survive five years and only 10 percent make it to the decade mark. Fogelberg’s web site attempts to cut through the misinformation and to calm fans’ fears:

“First, let me assure all my fans and friends that ‘the reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.’ I am in no way receiving any experimental treatment at Harvard Medical. My early treatments have proven very effective, so much so that my wife and I have been able to enjoy our annual summer vacation in Maine. We will be returning to treatment on the west coast in the fall.”

Perhaps the press should give Fogelberg and his family — and particularly his (in Dan’s words) “elderly mother” — a break. If the publicity-shy performer wants to share the details, he will. If not, that is his right. A positive attitude is a powerful tool in combatting cancer, in helping someone — like a phoenix — to rise from the flames. Stories reporting that one is “dying” can’t help someone feel positivity.

If you want to do something positive and productive, please make a donation to the American Cancer Society and to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. And spread the word: Prostate cancer is serious business. Every 18 minutes, a man dies from the disease. I urge you to implore your male friends and loved ones to visit their doctors for a checkup — early detection can make a huge difference.

As for Dan Fogelberg, the most helpful thing we can do is to send up healing thoughts for him and his family. The man has given the world — and this writer — many magical musical moments over the past 32 years. It would be awesome to have him around — and healthy — for many, many more.

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  • Eric Olsen

    thank you Natalie, very sad news and the very best to Dan. I have missed you very much

  • Fan From Syria

    Many thanks and wish you success in your efforts. Best and heartly wishes to Dan against disease. Hope God will really be on his side for he is a wonderful source of inspiration to many human thinkers, I am sure.I use his music as teaching material but it never was limited to teaching English language anyway. His music / songs is that of a book of morals that need to be taken and well perceived.

  • RJ

    Dan Fogelberg is one of my favorite musicians of all time.

    I get particularly emotional when listening to “Same Old Lang Syne” and “Leader Of The Band,” though “Alas, Babylon” is hauntingly beautiful as well.

    Get well, DF! 🙂

  • Jean Stanley

    Since last summer, I had an overwhelming feeling that something was wrong with Dan Fogelberg. It popped into my head for no reason. And there it stayed, so compelling that I had to try to do SOMETHING. So I got on the computer. Soooo many sites for Dan Fogelberg, I don’t know where to begin, and I’m not very computer-savy. And if I did contact him even in print, I’d have sounded like a real nut. Did E-mail one girl with an unusual name of course I can’t remember what it is, got nowhere so dropped it for a while. Still felt so strongly SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH HIM DO SOMETHING (but what?) last week that I finally felt compelled to get on the computer again, and—found out he has cancer. If nothing else this is a reminder when I get that “feeling” i am right, try to act on it if you can, I did try—had I gotten a hold of him and said I fell this you need to do this and this and this, I would have sounded like a nut, but I would have been a right nut, and maybe something could have been done. Any helpful suggestions/comments on this? Mejean118@yahoo.com

  • UPDATE AND GOOD NEWS: To mark his 54th birthday (Aug. 13), Dan gave his fans and friends some fabulous news via his web site. The short story — after 14 months of treatment, his cancer growth has been slowed tremendously and he is feeling much better. (Looks great too!) He still has much to endure, so please please please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.

    And MEN, please click the link and read Dan’s sermon and take his advice. As he writes, “I promise you, you DON’T want to go through what I’m going through if you can avoid it.” I don’t want you to go through it either — get tested.

    A note to Ms. Stanley: That’s trippy stuff. Gift, curse… hard to tell. Much in the cosmos is unexplainable, so it is possible that perhaps you did get some sort of sign. Peace to you. At any rate, I hope you in particular get the news that so far Dan’s treatment seems to be going well. And I would bet your psychic energy and caring could have touched him even if you couldn’t get in touch with him by phone or email. I hope it did; thanks for caring about him.

  • Mrs. Jean Stanley

    What a surprise, I hadn’t been here for a while. Trippy to you, normal to me. Stuff like this has been happening tome since I was 9. Now people from as far away as Australia seek my council, word gets around when people want to know. I feel it is like a curse sometime, speciallywithmy computer-illiterate self and I KNOW this is something he needs to checkon—but how do I tell him, how do I get a hold of him? Or anyoone else that I feel/KNOW these things—and can’t get in touch with them? For what it’s worth, I feel this cancer has been subdued fornow..I will not say anything else for now, even if Dan is reading, I certainly wouldn’t want him to read anything perosnal I have to say and find out like this! That rip you are thinking of taking tothe place that has like river bluffs, not a vacation spot like other people think of as a vacation spot, not like Las Vegas or Florida, do it Dan.

  • Mrs. Jean Stanley

    P.S. I’ll try to type more carefully–so many careless mistakes in that previous post! It is you I think who has a blessing and a curse, Dan–out of necessity having to hide and isolate yourself, yet had you been easier to get in touch with, I could have told you I fell this and this and this, check on it, couldn’t hurt and might even help! A word to the wise and hope you are wise enough to take it. The P.S. part is—about once every 6 months I “go” to this area of this river place and slight bluffs at night when I am asleep, don’t plan to go, don’t try, just go. Lush and green grown over in parts. Abandoned buildings in a section like was once downtown like so many towns. I have sense enough to look for some kind of sign or whatever to check on it, some kind of proof, because I am actually the biggest skeptic you’ll ever meet. And thanks to the power of the computer (I have become a little more computer savy), I have been able to check up on these things. There was a white empty house that I “heard” it belonged to “Jason” and he is trying to sell it and I looked it up on the computer and –it was and he was, somwhere up in the NE part of Illinois it was, I believe. The truth really is stranger than fiction. DO IT DAN. Mejean118