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Power to the Peaceful concert Saturday in Golden Gate Park (and online)

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The Power to the Peaceful concert takes place in Golden Gate Park on Saturday, September 10th from 11 am to 5 pm (though yoga starts at 9:30 am).  If you can’t make it KPFA will be providing coverage (including streaming.  I also imagine they’ll archive it at least for a week).

performers and speakers this year  include Michael Franti (shown above) and Spearhead, Saul Williams, Anti-Flag, Angela Davis, Outfoxed producer Robert Greenwald, and Mario Hardy (who worked at CCCO when I was on the board – I took photos of him
speaking last year including the one at the top of this post).

It is always an amazing event (another concert Franti organized soon after 9/11 really brought people together). It was free in the past, but this year they are asking for a $2 donation (no one will be turned away)

There also will be a free social justice forum on Sunday at Cellspace and a film festival Tuesday and Wednesday at the Roxie (it will include a segment from Greenwald’s Wal-Mart doc).

I created a set of photos from last year (though I haven’t added all of them yet). I’ll be there again and will post photos on flickr.

Franti will also be performing in NYC (9-22), Chicago (9-24), and San Francisco (9-30) to encourage people to get passports and travel outside the US. He will playing with “Gnawa musician Hassan Hakmoun, tabla player Karsh Kale, ghazal vocalist Vishal Vaid, Carol C. of Si*Se and Sufi rocking singer Haale.”

Less than 23% of american have passports. Lonely Planet has published Don’t Let the World Pass You By! 52 Reasons to Have a Passport and started gotpassport.com to encourage Congress to declare each September National Passport month.

When Franti travelled to Iraq in 2004, he made a documentary I Know I’m Not Alone which also screening (listings near bottom) a few times over the next few months.

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  • gary schofield

    The Radical Bridge

    9/11 is a lie that screams so loudly

    It is the poison pill that lies beneath the tongue
    Not unlike the murders of Abraham, Martin and John
    Ohio’s Kent State and the votes never counted
    The violence rocks the foundations to keep us down

    Amidst the chaos and fury
    The left/right of the same cabal never revealing cause
    With the Protocols for the New American Century
    Gonna slash and burn it to the ground

    Caught-up in the human persona
    Between the spirit and the beast
    The pestilence of psychological deception
    It wasn’t suppose to go down this way

    As the desire to live is vanquished
    Leeched-out with “Propaganda” and PR lies
    With all these mergers of vertical disintegration
    Designed to eliminate authentic organic growth

    To let go of all you love

    Sure these guys are all about winning
    As they grovel in mountains of fiat chips and pirated gold
    Like feudal landlords they chattel their cattle
    Preparing to cull the herd when the time is ripe

    We start out with the visions of the kingdom
    Only to be pushed and pulled into the box
    Designed by hucksters and corporate executioners
    Leaving nothing but the desperation to get out

    The American vision fell with those twin towers
    A heaving hunk of molten ash
    Hidden deep within the structural center
    Lay the lethal injection to end the dream

    The dark power pulls so strongly

    Move to the fascist global ovens
    Forfeit our fabled communal way of life
    Make room for the machines that keep on churning
    Disconnect from those who might have been

    As the deciders stack the decks and the tables
    The creative vision tossed into the trash
    The word of God, a harsh condemnation
    The gift of birth reserved for those born to win

    We can obediently consume the potion
    Adopt the posture of the tortured man
    Or sling the poison back unto this alien creature
    As it nervously fumbles the power ring

    How could we ever rise above?

    Rise up against this manufactured terror
    Wake up to the responsibilities and joys of life
    Realize the power of the Vision
    Cast these evildoers to their apocalyptic hell

    Recognize the ever-present serendipity
    With everything on the line
    To end the separation
    We have to start to live and be as one

    Rise up and be counted
    Rise up and take that shot
    Dance to the divination
    Sing the song that’s longing in your heart

    Don’t let them scare you to stop creating

    Take your neighbors hand as the sun is ascending
    Look into the eyes of God as it slips into the sea
    Due on to others with respect and compassion
    Only then will the angels sleep

    On our journey through life’s passages
    The fragrances and memories still linger in the air
    We are here to create and learn the mysteries
    Merging with the light went it’s time to go

    By Gary Schofield dedicated to his fellow American citizens
    CC 06/06/06

  • beadtot

    When they began the yoga postures… .

  • Marcia L. Neil

    Yay! then the cropdusters might really spread powdered chlorine on the hurricane disaster site. Hide your candy bars — the great whites are nibbling.