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Power metal with class and panache

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Take an interesting combination of Styx (non-Dennis DeYoung material), Helloween, and Dream Theater in your head to have an idea of Powerquest. Now add a dash of 1984 era Van Halen, and a bit of Glass Tiger (!?!). That is not to say the material is derivative by any measure; there is enough originality in the nine tracks to make this a steller find. Oh, yes, and for a change they aren’t some talented musicians from the sub-arctic North of Europe or from the beer-swilling valleys of Germany. This lot is from Southampton, of all places. They have produced an album which is almost on par with the debut release from erstwhile Helloween members of Masterplan. No lame vocals, or over-widdly bits, as is so common on power prog albums, just damn good music. The final track maybe 10 minutes long, but it goes by rather nicely, especially with the lovely female vocals on ‘Lost Without You’. Yes, this lot are that good. I, for one, can’t wait to see them live.

Rating: 4.5/5

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