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Poverty is a lack of the necessary money or financial holdings needed to sustain a socially recognized standard of living from members within a community. As such, it is often difficult to specify what poverty is without contextualizing the discussion.

Poverty may result in homelessness or malnourishment, which has spawned worldwide efforts to reform welfare systems directed at assisting those most in need. The economic poverty of its people is always a primary responsibility for government officials the world over.

Some argue that poverty is an inherent consequence of capitalism, which is certainly a debatable claim. Others, however, suggest that poverty arises as a lack of education or educational opportunities, skills or a mastery of trades and services.

Poverty is a popular topic in the blogosphere because of its ties to the world of politics and economics.  It has also become the cause du jour for celebrities like U2 frontman Bono, who has started his own foundation.


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