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Potter-Besotted: We’re all HOT, for Harry

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No, I’m not a 14 year old girl with an obsession for Daniel Radcliffe.

I don’t sticker the inside of my locker with pictures of Ron, or spend my nights dreaming of practicing black magic with Malfoy.

I’m a 26 year old professional, with two dogs, a mortgage, and adult responsibilities like bills and other tantalizing things of this sort.

But! This doesn’t mean I can’t be fully, completely, and utterly HOT for Harry this summer.

With the final movie released this July and people flocking like crazy to the theaters, the only thing more depressing than the movie series coming to an end is the fact that there are grown ass men and women out there refusing to read the books that started it all, simply out of pride.

Forget your romance novels, breakout Oprah summer reads, throw away the OK! Magazine right now. Because even if you’re like me, meaning, over the age of 12, I full believe that the only thing YOU should be reading on your summer vacation is Harry Potter.

First of all, even if you think these books are beneath your Masters in Creative Writing you can’t deny that the Harry Potter series in all its glory is a global phenomenon. To claim you are a lover of the printed word and follow that comment up with the admission that you’ve never read the Harry Potter series automatically strips you of your title as a bibliophile.

Sure, this is a series that was originally written for a young adult audience.

And yeah, you might feel a little sheepish at first when you’re sitting on the plane with a cocktail in hand on your way to your fantastic summer vacation, bought and paid for by the fact that you’re a grown ass woman, but the reality is that this series has depth, adult themes, well developed plot lines and extremely complex character development.

Plus? It’s just plain fun.

Basically, stop pretending that you’re too cool to like this.

I dare you this summer to put aside the copy of Sense and Sensibility that you were planning to read while visiting your boyfriend’s parents — in a desperate attempt to seem more literary — and instead I want you… no, I demand you pick up the Harry Potter series and devour it.

The books are fast, they’re fun, they’re surprisingly engaging, and better yet, to not read them for the simple fact that you think it is cliché, well… that’s just plain cliché.

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