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Possible Impeachment For Bush?

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From The Kansas City Star:

WASHINGTON – (KRT) – A hearing Thursday on a secret British intelligence memo that said President Bush was committed to waging war on Iraq months before he said so publicly ended with a request for Congress to open an inquiry into whether Bush should be impeached for misleading the nation.

Pinch me, I must be asleep.

And from the Independent (UK):

As American and Iraqi casualties on the ground mount relentlessly, President George Bush is in growing political trouble, with Republicans as well as Democrats questioning his handling of a war that has never been less popular here.

See, it’s not just the Democrats just trying to cause trouble, folks. Even some Republicans can’t put up with Bush’s lies any longer.

More worrying for the White House, another sponsor is the North Carolina Republican Walter Jones, a strong backer of the invasion (and an author of the 2003 “freedom fries” campaign against France in Capitol Hill cafeterias).

Now if that isn’t irony, I don’t know what is.

In June 2002, a month before the British memo was written, 61 per cent of Americans favoured the forcible removal of Saddam Hussein, as the next stage of Mr Bush’s “war on terror”. Today, polls show that only 42 per cent say the war was worthwhile.

As I’ve said before, most Americans have trouble thinking for themselves.

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  • Nancy

    Considering all the people – including our troops – getting slaughtered over there every day, Condi Rice & Bush ‘spin’ to the contrary on how wonderfully well we’re doing, I think we’re far from “owning” it.

    Ref: attention deficit disorder, I think you’re right; there are chemicals…huh?

  • I swear to God that the government must put chemicals in our drinking water that make us suffer from attention deficit disorder. We Americans get bored so easily and never seem to stay consistent.

    We’re in Iraq. We own it. America, piss and moan all you want but we have a responsibility to fix it. If these damn politicians would stop listening to focus groups and looked inside themselves we’d be a hell of a lot better off. What this country needs are leaders with BALLS.

  • What hearing are we talking about here? If you’re talking about the “hearing” held by Rep. John Conyers and 40 Democrats in a basement of the Capitol building, then that hardly proves your point about a groundswell of bipartisan opposition to the war.

  • I’m sorry, Dave. It’s just that it seems to me the left wingnuts are conspiring to get GWB. Imagine that. All this hate spewing and finger pointing. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that the left wingnuts behaved like, um, er… right wingnuts.

  • Dammit, Silas. Stop being sane. You’re taking the whole discussion off track.


  • You know, impeaching George W. Bush solves nothing. Right now he has taken this country on a path that his Administration needs to fix. Like it or not, he is our President. I certainly hope that Democrats and other opponents of the President don’t jump on the impeachment train. This country doesn’t need more polarizing. If you want to send a message to the President for the last half of his second term, dump the bastards that you send to Congress.

  • MDE

    Perhaps each president and the major players in his administration should be sacrificed to the Gods at the end of his term of office. Punishment for crimes discovered and undiscovered. Kind of a rebirth of political society every four or eight years.

    Most annoying on this thread? HMMM. How about the commenters who attribute blinding hate to those who oppose them to explain their opposition. This Coulteresque argument is propaganda pure and simple. Disingenuous at best. Smells kinda like the canned ‘chickenhawk’ argument.


  • Maybe soon, impeachment will just be part of the job.

  • RealCon

    And Sue has company — Dave Nalle — with his Zionist conspiracy rants…

  • RealCon

    Sue — you remind me of Don Quixote — flailing around and tilting at windmills…

  • Nice paranoia there, Sue. Been sipping from the Kos-well a bit much, have we?

    It’s hard to tell who on this thread is more annoying, the leftists who haven’t got a thought in their head because hatred has forced all reason from their minds, or the loony zionist conspiracy racists.


  • Sue

    The dems won’t win back the house or anything else until we all face the fact that paper ballots are the only “fair” way to have an election. Anything else just leaves us in the same position as the last 2 elections, they can rig it however they want. With the neo-cons in power over the New World Order no election will be free or fair unless there is a paper trail.

    Republican arguments, even the comments I see here are so full of hate, piss and vinegar its ridiculous. Then you want to preach about family values? Get a Freaking clue hypocrites!!

  • Tom Welsh

    “And most Euros are qualified
    to lecture us on our country,which they
    know exactly Jack -fuckin’-shit about”.

    No, you’re getting confused. That’s what most Americans know (or care) about Europe, and anywhere else outside the land of the Free. You might be surprised how much some of us know about the USA.

    “the use of the word “fixed” in England is somewhat different than how it is used in the US…”

    That turns out not to be the case. True, speakers of British English are aware of both the British and the American meanings; but they are quite capable of understanding which is intended in a given context.

    By the way, the Downing Street memo does not consist of one person’s vague impressions. It is an accurate record of the discussions that took place between some of the UK’s senior politicians and civil servants.

  • Zack

    Because you have no tolerance for facts…

    Or because you have greater allegiance to Israel than to the United States…

  • Well of course Zack, it’s the Joooz. Why didn’t I think of that?

  • Zack

    If anyone is really interested in learning about Bush’s impetus to invade Iraq:

    Consider the fact that Bush made his decision to invade Iraq right after he met with Ariel Sharon in June, 2002…

    Consider the fact that Sharon had been saying that peace in the Middle East ran through Baghdad…

    And the fact that Sharon had repeatedly ignored Bush’s admonitions to get out of the West Bank in the Spring of 2002…

    And the fact that in the Spring of 2002 — Sharon had repeatedly ignored Bush’s admonitions to talk with Arafat — who Bush had said was the chosen leader of the Palestinians… and when Sharon put his foot down (on Bush’s head) –suddenly — Arafat became persona non grata… and Bush learned that Sharon was boss…

    And in June, 2002 — Bush and Sharon did a little quid pro quo deal — if Bush took out Saddam — Sharon would agree to Bush’s “Roadmap:.. which called for a Palestinian state.. a radical departure for both the US and Israel…

    So Sharon got what he wanted .. And so far Bush has gotten shit…

    And it looks like Bush will get more shit until he ‘fesses up… and then Sharon and his American Zionist Lobby will come to his aid and save him… and we will all live happily ever after…

  • Jesus Christ

    I can no longer back Bush.
    Peace be with you my children.

  • RealCon

    Let’s be fair — the Democrats (Lyndon Johnson) got us into the Vietnam War with the Bay of Tonkin lie — Now the neocons (who are called “Republicans” but are not really Conservatives) and George Bush got us into the Iraq War with the WMD lie…

    So the Democrats and “Republicans” are even…

    They are all dirty rotten scoundrels,,, because they all live off of the filthy lobbyists who have something to gain by war… after all it’s someone else who is doing the fighting and bleeding and dying…

    Just look at which lobbyists and pressure groups in Washington had something to gain in this war and you will see who is behind the war in Iraq…

  • Lee

    Re: Iraq war

    Just saw a T-shirt that said

    “Killing for peace is like screwing
    for virginity”

    Nuff said!!!

  • JR

    Actually, a simpler explanation is that Bush is just a worse president.

  • During most of the Clinton years – there was no blogosphere. There’s your difference as far as awareness, people. Yes, sometimes the simplest explanations are the correct ones.

  • no, you would see newt gingrich as a commentator on fox news.

  • Yes Mark, some right wingers were unreasonably hostile to Clinton, though two wrongs do not make a right.

    At that, though, it wasn’t on the same level. Besides the fact that Clinton was a lot sleazier and more personally deserving of ridicule, it still wasn’t at this level of infection. The real hardcore anti-Clinton stuff wasn’t being supported by the mainstream. Carter had Michael Moore as his guest of honor at the 04 Democrat convention. You would never see the equivalent, say Newt Gingrich hosting the director of The Clinton Chronicles.

  • and please al, conservative bitching about every single move bill clinton ever made for 8 years didn’t make them ‘america haters’.

    man, this stuff is gettin’ old.

  • rave on john.

    repeating nonsense over and over doesn’t make any of it true.

  • JR

    You really hate those Democrats, don’t you?

  • Hateful nonsense is calling our servicemembers nazis. Hateful nonsense is the platform of the Democratic party. Social Security? Bush is trying to make Wall Street rich!

    Any issue, it’s Republican hate. That’s all they got. You want hateful nonsense, go to http://www.dnc.org

  • JR

    Hateful nonsense:

    “…so many liberal Democrats HATE the country and denounce US at every possible turn. They’d much rather burn it than wrap themselves in it.”

  • No Mark, you’re right. Not liking specific US policies does not necessarily mean hating the country. Basically denouncing every American policy all the time, and bending over backwards to make US out to be the bad guys for little or no reason (ie Gitmo) does.

    I’ll hold up Parker and Stone as a counterexample, particularly Team America. They’re certainly critical of America- “We’re dicks.” Yet they have some perspective, and aren’t spouting hateful nonsense.

  • so many liberal Democrats HATE the country and denounce US at every possible turn

    oh geezuz, that is so much bullshit.

    this is the same rediculous word-wrangling game that conservatives have become expert at.

    denouncing US policy is NOT equivalent to hating the country.

  • MDE

    Organic bananas suck.

  • Nancy, I’ll agree that Republicans are better at wrapping themselves in the flag, in that so many liberal Democrats HATE the country and denounce US at every possible turn. They’d much rather burn it than wrap themselves in it.

  • Nancy

    If you add
    6. Appeal to religion and bluster that anyone not in step with you is unAmerican and unpatriotic

    Then you have the Republican secret of winning arguments. But they were always better at wrapping themselves in flags & dogma than lefties are.

  • PseudoErsatz

    “Screaming “liar, liar” at the top of your lungs doesn’t make it so.”

    Oops! You hit upon the secret of winning arguments from the liberal point-of-view:

    1) Scream.
    2) Often.
    3) Plug ears to critique.
    4) Rinse.
    5) Repeat.

  • >> 3) the use of the word “fixed” in England is somewhat different than how it is used in the US and it is being given its worst possible connotation.<< Not to mention that the wording is that of the author of the memo, not of anyone in the Bush administration. They may well have said 'assembled' or something much more longwinded and he chose to summarize it as 'fixed'. Dave

  • >>Dave ..where you for or against going to war…I totally agree with you..impeach them all and start over..but let’s start with the American majority who believed Bush..<< I'm for the objectives of the war and I'm for completing the war successfully. I'm not convinced that this war fought this way was the best way to achieve the objective, but now that it's the way we've chosen I'm for seeing it through. Dave


    Not to mention the fact that we only know for certain about the presence of WMD in Iraq because we were finally able to go in there and not have to play Saddam’s shell games.

  • A few points:

    1) the person responsible for the comment in the Downing Street Memo has yet to speak publicly about what he meant – so everyone is interpreting.

    2) the definition of “fixed” in the context of the statement in the memo is not clear.

    3) the use of the word “fixed” in England is somewhat different than how it is used in the US and it is being given its worst possible connotation.

    3) the circumstantial evidence for Bush Lies is at best ephemeral. I put it to you that if Bush were the “evil genius” he’s being made out to be, he would have arranged for WMD to have been found.

    4) Hussein used WMD against the Khurds and the Iranians.

    5) Mustard Gas and Sarin 155mm mortar rounds, Chemical Weapon rockets, and Weapons-class Biological agents have all been found in Iraq and not just by American forces.

    6) Why were “pesticides” hidden in underground bunkers if they were only for agricultural use?

    7) All of the reports (Duelfer, Kay, etc.) have documented the Hussein regime’s plan to restart the Iraqi WMD program as soon as sanctions were lifted.

    8) All the major intelligence agencies in the world INDEPENDENTLY found that Iraq had WMD – it wasn’t just the CIA or Bush.

    9) Bill Clinton and the Democrats in both houses of Congress (along with the Republicans) unanimously approved the Iraqi Liberation Act which set regime change in Iraq as official American foreign policy.

    It seems clear to me that most of the people participating here are, for reasons only they can provide, ignoring the overwhelming evidence. This really comes as no surprise.

  • “Lord protect us from facts. Thank god they won’t be necessary anymore when the Democrats get control of Congress.”

    Yeah, Republicans obviously have no use for facts either.

    I’m putting you on hyperbole alert, Mr. Nalle. No more crazy exaggerating.

  • Eric Olsen

    I was for the war then and now because the Middle East needed an enema and Iraq was the most logical delivery point.

  • Dave ..where you for or against going to war…I totally agree with you..impeach them all and start over..but let’s start with the American majority who believed Bush..

  • Nancy

    Oooo, Dave, I LIKE that idea! Impeach EVERYBODY complicit in the war, and start over! YES!

  • I say let’s impeach everyone who voted to allow the Iraq war. Then we could elect entirely new sets of Senators and Congressmen.


  • well…between this one and the WTC conspiracy thread…makes me feel rather…..sane!

  • do they teach you that stuff at the ClicheClub meetings?

  • Lord protect us from facts. Thank god they won’t be necessary anymore when the Democrats get control of Congress.


  • exactly. on the conservative side, there are no “moonbats”, ‘cus they’re all using facts ‘n stuff.

  • One infection for another Andy. Don’t like it? Whycome is that? 🙂

  • Eric – your site is starting to get infected wit hmoonbats!!!

  • Nancy….hahahahaha..you said it all ..case closed..

  • Nancy

    You forgot the rather outrageous contradictory lies about ‘We’re safer now because we’re fighting the war, vs. ‘we’re in continuing danger from terrorists at home & abroad’, blah blah blah. My rule of thumb w/Bush is, if his mouth is open, he’s lying.

  • This is the beginning of the end for Bush. Who wants to bet me that the Democrats win back the Congress in ’06 and impeach that jerk?

  • me

    > The stupid Downing memo means
    > absolutely not a goddam thing.
    > It does not provide any kind of
    > evidence of anything.

    It means everything. It proves what many of us have known all along, which is that Bush and his people lied their way into this war.

    Bush: Saddam has WMDs.
    Truth: No.

    Bush: Saddam allied with al qaeda.
    Truth: No.

    Bush: Our soldiers will be greeted with flowers.
    Truth: No.

    Bush: Iraq’s oil will pay for reconstruction.
    Truth: No.

    Bush: Saddam wouldn’t let in the inspectors.
    Truth: Yes he did.

    Bush: Mission accomplished.
    Truth: No.

    Bush: I served honorably in the Guard.
    Truth: You deserted.

    Bush: I haven’t made any mistakes.
    Truth: You’ve made nothing but mistakes.

    Bush: I haven’t decided to go to war.
    Truth via memo: Yes you did.

    Bush: War is a last resort.
    Truth via memo: War was your first and only choice.

    Every single statement Bush has made about his war was not only wrong, but was the exact opposite of the truth.

    Add that to his many other lies about many other topics – social security “crisis”, the prescription drug bill, his tax cuts for campaign contributors, and you begin to realize that Bush is a person who is incapable of telling the truth.

  • I wonder if he even knows what the qualifications for impeachment are. I tend to doubt it.


  • HW Saxton

    “As I’ve said before most Americans have
    trouble thinking for themselves”…

    Uh,OK sure. And most Euros are qualified
    to lecture us on our country,which they
    know exactly Jack -fuckin’-shit about.

    What little you actually know of the US
    has been gleaned off of the TV and the
    Internet. Which means you know about zip
    diddley shit unless you believe most of
    everything you see and hear on those,oh
    so reliable sources chumlie.

  • This post is, frankly, just dumb and worthless. You’re not making any argument or point. Screaming “liar, liar” at the top of your lungs doesn’t make it so.

    The stupid Downing memo means absolutely not a goddam thing. It does not provide any kind of evidence of anything. It merely represents the opinion of one British agent.

    And the impeachment business, you just pulled that nonsense out of your ass. That’s just pinko wishful thinking with not a shred of basis in fact.