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Possible Fraud In Dutch Eredivisie

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The match between FC Groningen and NAC Breda has possibly been sold. Internet betting company Betfair notified the Dutch FA, the KNVB, of an exuberant bet placed on the match. The Dutch FA has asked the dutch Public Prosecution Office to investigate the matter.

Right before the match, which was won by FC Groningen with 3-1, a bet of 1.1 million euros (1.44 million US dollars) was placed. That is 20 times the normal amount placed on a match and cause of the suspicion.

The Dutch FA has asked the Public Prosecution Office to investigate this exuberant bet.  (Note: Link is written in Dutch.) A spokesman of the KNVB has said this on Saturday. The KNVB assumes that the investigation will be mainly focused on the Betfair company.

He also told that there has been an internal investigation at the KNVB but that they had found nothing out of the ordinary. However the KNVB is not specialised in tracking down criminals. So therefore they have decided that it was in the best interest of the association that the investigation is handled by an independent office. Something they did as well when ADO Den Haag was suspected of fraud.

fc_groningenAfter the KNVB was notified of the high placed bet, they thoroughly investigated the matter. The match forms and videos were examined. There has also been talks with the Toto, a dutch gambling organisation but no proof of bribe has been found.

The KNVB makes use of the "Early Warning System". According to the spokesman they always investigate when such signals of possible fraud occur. The system determines unusual betting behaviour.

But Betfair are not connected with the "Early Warning System". The company does fully cooperate with any FAs by giving them requested informations. They reached an agreement with the Belgian FA last year after the bribery scandal. Betfair was abused back then for fixed matches and bribed players by the Chinese Ye. The Dutch FA however doesn't have such an agreement with Betfair saying they don't see any added value of signing a contract with Betfair.

NAC Breda were very surprised but happy that the PPS and the KNVB are investigating the matters revolving the match between them and FC Groningen. The club has no indication of a possible fraud and are optimistically looking forward to the outcomes of the investigations.

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