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Positively the last word on the Dixie Chicks….

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Just when you hoped the Dixie Chicks controversy had died down comes the biggest and silliest story of all:

South Carolina House members say the Dixie Chicks should apologize for lead singer Natalie Maines’ criticism of President Bush by performing a free concert for troops.

Nothing too different from what was being said by a thousand others. But….

Republican state Rep. Catherine Ceips introduced a resolution Wednesday calling for the country music trio to perform for South Carolina troops and their families.

Note that this is not for Texan troups as an apology for being a Texan band that said a Texan president was an embarrassment to Texas but for South Caroline troops.

…the resolution, which passed the House on a 50-35 vote and left some lawmakers angry and others confused.

Nothing like devoting House time and resources on the eve of a war to debating a pop concert to make lawmakers angry and confused, I guess. But it does seem a novel way of getting entertainers to play in places they wouldn’t normally go. Find some remark they made about anything anywhere — regardless of its connection to your state — and pass a resolution demanding they make amends.

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  • san

    Congratulations! You’ve been ordered to perform for the emperor. Really: it’s a law. You are compelled by law in South Carolina to perform for the armies of the emperor.

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  • Sera

    I think that they have a right to say whatever they want! U go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still love ya! and hey.. it’s still okay even if y’all pose nude! haha… y’all got the body.. show it off!