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Portal 2 Pricing: Another Best Buy Bait and Switch

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I was looking forward to Portal 2 much like any other gamer worth their weight, and shopped around yesterday prior to launch.  Of all the places I checked, online and retail outlets I called, Best Buy appeared to have the best offer — $44.99 for either console version, or $34.99 for the PC/Mac version, plus a $10 gift card, online or in store.  I called a local store just to verify this was indeed going to be the pricing strategy on the floor come launch day.  They gave me a resounding “YES.”

I got up early, headed to the same location I’d spoken to the day before launch, and found that, oddly, the game was marked $59.99, and there was no mention of the gift card deal in the store.  I asked a sales rep, they checked the system and verified the price was correct.  They directed me to customer service, who admitted that the price was cheaper online.  Sweet, now we’re getting somewhere!  Not quite, as the sale price online was now $54.99, up $10 from 24 hours ago.

I checked ShopSavvy and some other online sources that comparison-shop for you on the fly, and they all also had Best Buy listed at $44.99 for the console versions, yet the store will not honor the price they quoted.  They will at least match the web site price and throw in the gift card, but apparently ONLY if you ask specifically for those to be done.

Be aware as you head out to pick up the game today, as it will likely cost more than you thought if you were planning to pick it up from the blue and yellow store.

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  • Yea, usually pre-ordering saves you some money. And once the game launches..full price baby : )

  • Another idea. Go to Walmart and show them that ShopSavvy has it for the lower price and ask them to price match. Click through ShopSavvy’s result to browse the website source of the result – I think you will find Walmart will match the price.

  • Mark

    I went back with a co-worker who worked for BB for 10 years who had some pull, and they explained it as being $54.99, but the gift card takes another $10 off, and that’s how they get to $44.99. It’s BS, because that is absolutely not how it was explained on the site yesterday. It was $44.99 in addition to the GC, period. They can’t even honor their own advertisements.

  • Haz

    I went to our local Best Buy with a colleague who had pre-ordered at the lower price. When I got to the store, I was stunned at the price. When they checked at the register, it showed the $54.99 online.

    I did manage to get the $44.99 and the gift card after I got two sales people to consult with someone in the back room. But I think that was only because my colleague was standing there with his pre-order at the $44.99 price. If I was alone, they wouldn’t have honored it. (And wouldn’t have gotten a sale from me.)