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Pornorphan? Not for long, she isn’t!

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Beyond Good and Evil

State of Decay Records

This is what would have happened if Garbage had stuck with the ‘Stupid Girl’ vibe and not gone all pop. Sweet vocals with a metal /industrial edge combine for this load of kick arse tracks. Not the most accesible at first listen, especially with the punchy lyrics, but it will get under your skin. The hard rock and metal press are wetting themselves over Jyt and Co, as well they should. This 10 track affair is done like it should be done. Not a duff track on the whole CD. This is melodic, hard, edgy, and raw while still being catchy as stink. Said to be amazing live, this Finnish quintet clearly demonstrate that the new rock scene is not totally dead. Quite so, mate, quite so. This is a great album that is a must have for the more adventuruos of rock/metal fans. And lets face it, lads, hard rocking babes are damn sexy!

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