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Porker Holds Sheriff’s Deputies At Bay

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It’s a case of pig versus pig.

According to an AP report in the Washington Post, a Boulder Creek, California, man has a strange partner in his attempts to evade eviction: a pet pig.

Each time Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies show up to evict Christian Canabou from his home, he runs into the woods, leaving a 200-pound sow named Kate to face off with the deputies.

“The pig, and I don’t know her name, is aggressive,” sheriff’s Sgt. Fred Plageman said. “It seems to be a domesticated pig, and on past occasions it has chased deputies around and chewed up part of a patrol car.”

Deputies tried to evict the man on Tuesday, but found only the pig. They posted eviction notices and left the property.

Canabou has been ordered by animal control officials to evict the pig by 10 p.m. Thursday. Said Mike McFarland, general manager of Santa Cruz County Animal Services, “To be boldly honest, we don’t really want to take custody of a 200-pound pig.”

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