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Pope Strokes Cheney’s Dove

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Dick Cheney’s Peace Offering shows the doublespeak nature of this administration that twists every known symbol and word to misrepresent its intentions:

    Vice President Cheney brought along a crystal dove of peace when he arrived Tuesday for an audience with Pope John Paul II. When it was time for the vice president and the pontiff to exchange gifts, a papal aide handed Cheney the dove on a platter and he passed it wordlessly to his host as the cameras clicked. . . .
    The pope gently gave the bird one swift stroke, as if to bless it.

Stroke it? I see a Skull and Bones (several frames down) connection:

    [Skull and Bones initiates] then lie naked in coffins, masturbate, and reveal to the society their innermost sexual secrets. After this cleansing, the Bonesmen give the initiates robes to represent their new identities as individuals with a higher purpose. . .

Up next: Dubya wearing a dashiki, sporting a ‘fro, flashing peace signs and summoning the spirits of Mother Teresa, Gandhi and MLK, while he starts wars in Syria, North Korea and other parts yet to be determined.

It makes me feel like someone is shanking up my back while smiling to my face and flashing a Bible at me. It’s something like the creepy feeling I got from the following movie scenes: when Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs is torturing that tied-up cop, all the while dancing and singing in a smarmy way; when that snotty, pompous swordsman, Archibald Cunningham, is slicing up Rob Roy; and when Hannibal the Cannibal tricks that drugged up guy to eat his own brains. Cheney having his dove stroked by the Pope is the same thing as Cheney feeding us our own brains.

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  • This is too much! Trenchant analysis and spot on! Hardly anything more need be said.

    We try to do the same for our tri-county area on the Central Coast of Kal-E-Fornee-ah.